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'Jennifer Falls' recap: Except for ...

Season 1 | Episode 3 | “Triangle” | Aired June 18,2014

This week’s episode of Jennifer Falls, “Triangle,” has it all — except suitable boundaries. From emotionally closed off beer guys to mean girls to silly bands, this week has what you need — unless, of course, you need appropriate parental boundaries or meaningful romantic relationships.

Jennifer’s mother, Maggie, is a therapist with little or no regard for the confidentiality that job should entail. She sees little wrong with inviting her patients to make a snack in the kitchen while waiting for their appointment to begin. This means Jennifer bumps into them pretty routinely. This week we meet Cheryl (Kathleen Wilhoite, making a cheryl_jennifercameo), and we get a sense that Jennifer is feeling a little crowded, as she has to share her raisin toast with her mother’s patients.

Once Jennifer is at work, rocking that sexy ref uniform, and away from trying not to make eye contact in the crowded kitchen, she and Dina start to objectify the hot new beer guy. He saunters up, shoots her a quick wink, then saunters away. Dina senses a “sparky spark” between them, prompting Jennifer to giggle like Jan jenniferdavid_kissingBrady, and then Jennifer gets bold and heads over to him. She makes out with him a little, and Dina, thinking he’s just easy like that, goes in for her turn.

Joke’s on us, because Jennifer has been seeing David (Ben Lawson) for three weeks, but didn’t want to tell anyone until she “was sure it was going somewhere.” Some gross, awkward sexual innuendo follows, they make out some more, and David walks away, carrying an empty beer keg (insert the “I love to see you go” joke here).beerguy_behind

While Jennifer spends sexy time with David, Wayne tries to get to know Gretchen a little better and takes her for coffee. Ethan Suplee plays Wayne so sweet and genuine that when Gretchen unknowingly jokes about his intended gift of silly bands, you really want to punch her in the face. Doesn’t she know that “they’re really hard to find and sort of expensive”? That’s what he tells her as he puts them back in his pocket after she mocks the gift. While Wayne goes to get extra sprinkles on his coffee (and take a break from the uncomfortable silence), some girls from Gretchen’s school walk by and get all Mean Girls on her and Wayne. His defense is pretty weak, probably because he’s got chocolate sprinkles on his face, but most definitely because he uses the phrase, “What up, shorties?”

UntitledStephanie gets wind of those Regina George wannabes and takes matters into her own hands. She confronts them and “out-means them” because she was them, and now that she is “older and smarter,” she knows exactly who they are. Apparently her verbal abuse has an effect because they are nice to Gretchen after that, until Wayne acts like a spaz and his voice gets really shrill and accusatory. But at least she is back to calling him “Uncle Wayne.”

Jennifer and David’s sexy time is not quite as fulfilling as she hoped, and Dina questions her about how much shedina actually knows about him. Dina wonders if she even knows where he’s from, and she sorta does. She tells Dina, “It’s America. It’s gotta be.” Jennifer confesses that she doesn’t really know all that much because he’s not a real talker and just won’t open up. Every time she tries to ask him about himself, he uses his wizard skills to turn the conversation back to her. They deduce, “Maybe he’s just a dude.”

The next morning, as Jennifer goes for her coffee and raisin toast, she runs into … wait for it … David!!! It turns out thatmainimage1 David is a patient of Maggie’s and has been seeing her for a while. When Jennifer confronts Maggie, Maggie spills just enough of his secrets to make Jennifer incredibly curious (and make Maggie lose her license in most states), and it becomes painfully obvious that Maggie knows more about David and Jennifer’s relationship than Jennifer does. Maggie warns Jennifer that he has some healing to do, then reveals that David told her “it was mostly physical, but he’s hopeful about the relationship, except for …”. It’s here that Maggie’s professionalism returns and she cuts off the conversation abruptly.

d5nac64chIt’s the “except for …” that Jennifer can’t live with, so she enlists Dina to do a little petty breaking and entering. They conspire to break into Maggie’s office and read David’s file. The files don’t yield much, aside from Maggie’s grocery list and pro/con list about going blond at her age; this just ratchets Jennifer’s crazy up a notch.

In a huff, Jennifer barges into Maggie’s office while she conducts a session with David and lays down an ultimatum: Give up therapy with Maggie or continue to date her — he can’t have it both ways. In an unexpected turn of events, David chooses therapy with Maggie and dumps Jennifer on the spot. He eventually has a change of heart, admitting the “except for …” was his feelings of unworthiness.

They celebrate with sex, but unfortunately David begins to open up; what comes out is a giant ball of eyer633douchiness. Jennifer rolls her eyes as she gets dressed, having had enough of his grody stories, and decides she liked it better when he didn’t talk.

The episode wraps as Jennifer and Maggie discuss David and his problems, and Jennifer realizes that Maggie was just trying to look out for her. We are supposed to see that Maggie isn’t all that bad, but frankly I like her better when she’s being all that bad. Keep it up, Maggie.

Are we ready to see Jennifer in a relationship? What sort of man would suit her? Tweet me your specifications.

Jennifer Falls, rated TV-PG, airs Wednesdays at 10:30/9:30 C on TV Land.



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