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'In the Flesh' season finale react: With life comes death

Season 2 | Episode 6 | Aired June 14, 2014

Did In the Flesh seriously just end like that? How could they do this to us? They tore a beloved character away from us and then left the door hanging wide open for a possible (but unconfirmed) series 3. In the final episode of the second series, we find out where Simon’s loyalties lie, how deep Kieren’s love for his family runs and just how truly psychotic Maxine really is. Let’s get down to the dirty deets.

Lock him up and throw away the key! Kieren’s dad is being a grade-A asshole right now and thinks it’s best for everyone if they lock up Kieren in his room. Papa Walker is scared of Kieren now and still insists that he sign the confession. When his parents lock Kier up like a dang wild animal in his room because they need to run out, Gary seizes the opportunity to question him. Gary gets into Kier’s room and starts grilling him about the plans the Irish rotter has for Roarton, assuming that he’s in on it. Mind you, Kier is totally in the dark about Simon’s Second Rising plans.






Gary won’t accept that Kier’s uninvolved and starts tearing up his room looking for evidence of a plot. Listen here, Gary! We’re sick of you being such a terrible human being. If you could please leave Roarton and never come back, that would be fantastic.







Then, in an unfortunate twist that we saw coming from a mile away, Gary finds the bottle of Blue Oblivion that Kier took from Simon’s room in the last episode. Son of a biscuit! Gary drags Kier out of the house and into his truck. Simon has been lurking outside the whole time and sees what’s going down. Come on, Simon! Forget the stupid Undead Prophet and save your one true love already.








Amy tries to keep her new revelation a secret: The morning after the tent debacle, Amy and Philip are still reveling in the fact that Amy is regaining feeling. Her senses are working again! She can actually feel the cold air and Philip’s hand in hers.










Amy warns that they need to keep this a secret. The last thing she wants is to become a lab rat for the rest of her life (see: Simon in the last episode). He tells her that he’d love her either way — zombie or human.








They head to the Roarton town center to enjoy a festival. There, we also see Kier’s mom. Really, Mrs. Walker? You’re just hanging out at a festival while your son is wrongfully imprisoned in his bedroom? Philip’s mom totally calls her out by saying she’s sorry to hear about the injustice being done to Kier and how great it is that he has his parents to stick up for him. Preach!









Philip’s mom sees Amy and Philip being adorable across the room, but she also spies Amy taking a bite out of a candy apple. She confronts them about it, but Amy gives her some B.S. excuse. The fact that they even showed this scene makes us think that Philip’s mom is going to come into play when we get a series 3. Anyway, Philip’s mom loves Amy and Philip together and tells him so. It’s refreshing to see at least one completely tolerant person in Roarton.

The Parade: Jem, Maxine and about 10 other nutjobs in town (OK, maybe 15) are having a parade and ribbon-cutting ceremony at the newly completed perimeter fence. Maxine is being super-sketchy and tells Jem to lead the parade. Jem acts like Maxine just made her the CEO of Apple.









So maybe we’re being a little dramatic, but Jem’s recent disgust with Kier is seriously pissing us off. When the parade reaches the graveyard where the First Rising occurred, they see the blond rotter and the rest of Simon’s followers chanting with bottles of Blue Oblivion in their hands. Jem is all by her lonesome as the leader, but the rotters refuse to leave.










Hold on to your britches: Grab your glass of wine and your box of Cheez-Its, because it’s about to get crazy in here. Let’s get back to Kieren and Gary. Gary has taken Kier to the woods near the cemetery and is chasing him through the woods. When Gary catches him, he breaks open the Blue Oblivion and forces it up Kier’s nose, saying that now everyone will see “what Kieren really is.” Gary, you are pure evil!










Simon tries to fight it, but he goes full rotter and wanders into the cemetery where Jem, their father and everyone else stands. Jem has a gun raised to Kieren, but Papa Walker says ain’t nobody hurting his son. He’s had a change of heart and stands in front of Kier, telling him he knows he can fight this and that he’s sorry and loves him.









Everyone watches as Kier actually fights against the drug. In the woods, Simon is walking toward the cemetery when Gary grabs him from behind and holds a knife to his throat. The next thing we know, there’s a gunshot. When the camera pans back to the cemetery, we see that some witch shot at Kieren, and Simon took the bullet for him.









Don’t worry. Simon is OK. Simon looks at Kieren with nothing but love and helps him to his feet. The blond rotter is yelling at Simon about the Second Rising and Simon says, “There isn’t going to be one.” BOOM! Simon’s love for Kier is real. Oh, happy day!






Noooooooooo! OK, now go grab your tissues. Simon and Kieren are at the clinic to make sure Kier properly recovers from the blue drug.







Amy and Philip are in another part of the cemetery when Maxine approaches them. She shanks Amy out of the blue, because she thinks that Amy is the First Risen! Philips carries her into the clinic, where Simon and Kier jump to their feet asking what happened.







Kier, Philip and Simon are with Amy in the room as the doctor frantically tries to save her, but it’s too late. She’s gone. The doctor mentions how her heart was beating before she died. She was becoming a full-blown human again! Her love for Philip had just begun and she could feel again, and it was all taken away by some psycho’s personal agenda. She was getting her second chance, and now it’s all over.









Back at the festival, Maxine walks up on stage and tells everyone that she has a message. She shares that her brother died when he was young in an accident, and that with a Second Rising, he could come back — everyone who was pure could come back. She announces that she “took care of the girl,” but nothing happened. She suggests wiping out every single PDS sufferer in Roarton immediately. Everyone gasps in shock, because they’re finally realizing that Maxine is one fry short of a Happy Meal.








Maxine takes off into the crowd to attack Sandra’s mother-in-law, but Dean comes up behind her and Tases her. Thank you!

Brother-sister bonding: Kieren gets some sister time with Jem while they’re getting ready to go to Amy’s funeral (we seriously can’t believe she’s gone), and he tells her that she has to wear something flowery and fun to Amy’s funeral, because that’s what she would have wanted. *Cue tears!*








She tells Kieren that she broke up with Gary — finally! — and the two Walker siblings head to the funeral, flower corsages in tow. It’s absolutely heart-wrenching.









Somber and in need of a slice of sheep brain (hey, anything to numb the pain, right?), Kieren heads to the after party at his place. He does his duty as Amy’s BFF, and makes the rounds to all the folks there and thanks them for coming to mourn her. How hard does that job have to be? We would be convulsing somewhere with tears a-flowing. Who’s helping poor Kier cope with the lost of a bestie?! Considering the fact that Kieren came back from the dead after he committed suicide, it’s crazy that he’s sort of become the best version of himself — recognizing right vs. wrong, standing up for what he believes in. At least we have that to be happy about.







Kieren heads up to Jem’s room, and he finds the bracelet that Henry made for her. He asks her where she got it, and she lies and says that Gary made it for her. He catches her in her fib and tells her that he knows Henry made it. She finally confesses about how she killed him. She cries in her brother’s arms, and we’re happy that she finally confessed and got that off her chest. Jem still has her faults, but it was good to see her have a tender moment with her bro.







Men in black: In case you didn’t catch it, at the beginning of the episode we saw two people on their way to Roarton. We (sort of) find out what they’re up to in the final scene of the episode. Philip has been parked at Amy’s grave all night, because she was the love of his life and he’s having a pretty hard time coping with the fact that she’s gone.








While’s he’s mourning, he thinks that he sees something move in the distance. When he doesn’t find anything, he decides to head home. Then we see the same two mysterious folks from the beginning of the episode head to Amy’s grave, get in biohazard suits and start digging up her grave! What the heck are these people up to?










There are a ton of unanswered questions the season 2 finale left us with:

1. Who are those two jokers digging up Amy’s grave?
2. Who is actually the First Risen?
3. Was Amy really becoming human again? If so, what does this mean for the rest of the “rotters”?

Sound off with your thoughts and predictions below, and let’s all hope for a series 3! Until next time … #FangsOut


In the Flesh, rated TV-14, airs on BBC America.


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