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'General Hospital' recap: No willy-nilly in the hospital

Season 51 | Episodes 49-53 | Aired June 9-13, 2014

Do you think Nurse Elizabeth Webber can treat herself for whiplash? First Nikolas shows her a newspaper outlining the charges against Ric, so Ric must be guilty! Then Diane easily points out that all of the evidence came from Julian, so Ric must be innocent. But after the jailhouse events that end the week, will Elizabeth change her mind again? Or will she be too busy looking for a new job, since Dr. Olbrecht has fired her for leaving the hospital to go to the police station mid-shift?

It’s hard to reconcile the scoundrel Ric Lansing of years past with the one who is on our screen this week. A far cry from locking a woman in a panic room, the Ric currently before us is all about proving his merit to the women he loves. But unfortunately, Ric is going to face a very uphill battle in clearing his name.

A honeymooning Fake-Luke calls Julian to advise him that with Ric on the hook, it’s still drug business as usual for their business. Julian protests, weakly, that the police will be suspect if the trade starts up again, seeing as the supposedly guilty Ric is locked up for running the show. Fake-Luke doesn’t care and tells Julian to put more responsibility on Jordan’s shoulders. Julian advises Jordan that Ric is just a dupe for the real boss, but refuses to identify who is really running the show.

Jordan meets with Anna in the least clandestine park-bench meeting outside of Olivia-Rowan Pope on Scandal. Sitting back-to-back, with Anna reading a paper and Jordan pretending to be on the phone, Jordan fills in Anna on Ric’s innocence. Meanwhile, Ric is sad in his jail cell, trying to convince Sonny that he didn’t renew their brotherly warfare. Despite Sonny’s recent realizations that he killed a blameless man (A.J.) himself, he has no interest in his brother’s declarations of a frame-up. Fortunately, Ric gets a visit from Molly, his loudest cheerleader.

And with Elizabeth’s change of heart, Molly’s support and Diane as his counsel, it looks as though Ric may actually catch a break. But Anna has to rain on his parade, telling him that she is now aware that he has been set up, but she can’t release him. Not only can she not set him free, but Anna tells Ric that exonerating him could conceivably put his daughter and girlfriend in danger. So what are Ric and the PCPD to do? How does this sound: Pretend Nathan shot Ric dead as he was trying to escape? Yep, Ric’s now off to the witness protection program, despite the fact that he didn’t witness anything! Molly and Elizabeth are grief-stricken. Props to Molly, though, because those tears had me wanting to tell her that her dad isn’t really dead!

Molly’s tears aren’t the only ones being shed this week, as the emotional response from Gabriel’s death resonates throughout Port Charles. Everyone with a heart is devastated, whilst we all received further confirmation that Levi is just horrible. Not wanting to let Maxie grieve is just another reason that we are all waiting for Maxie to realize Nathan is her new soul mate. The sooner she realizes barbecue ribs trump yoga in the park, the happier viewers will be.

Of course, nobody’s emotions over the baby’s death come close to his mother, Sabrina’s. After finding her scribbling thank-you notes, a worried Felix calls Patrick over to check on her. Patrick is stunned to find her donning her wedding dress from their interrupted nuptials last fall. Sabrina has broken from reality, refusing to acknowledge that Gabriel was ever conceived, much less died. Patrick forces her back to reality, and she is overcome with tears. Patrick is so busy trying to be Sabrina’s rock that his own feelings are back-burnered. Sam’s attempts to offer support only serve to remind him of the Jason-is-alive-and-Robin-is trying-to-save-him secret he is harboring for his nonexistent wife.

Without knowing about the Jason scenario, Sam already has quite a bit on her plate with the whole “my boyfriend’s wife isn’t dead” thing going on. Fresh out of her 2o-year slumber, Nina has a lot to adjust to beyond touch-screen technology. She quickly learns her husband has a daughter from his prior affair, her brother is her cousin, her mother accidentally put her in the coma, AND her husband has a girlfriend. Nina plays the martyr card, immediately offering to move out of Silas’s home, but being that the only other person she knows in town (Jay, a.k.a Nathan) has two roommates, Silas tells her she can continue to stay with him.

Silas is so busy tending to the undead that he doesn’t notice that his nephew is having some rather serious issues of his own. T.J. catches Rafe snorting “Yay” in the park. I thought it was one of those made-up television drugs, but it’s actually a real street drug. T.J. opts not to be a narc, like when Rafe told Alexis about him and Molly planning to do the deed. I’m not sure I follow T.J.’s logic on that one, but after some verbal jabs and a thrown punch, T.J. walks away from Rafe. Sam later runs into a skittish Rafe in the park and is surprised by his emotional response to Gabriel’s passing and news of her investigating the car accident. Raise your hand if you can guess where this is heading!

Over at Sonny’s house, Morgan is appalled to learn that Ava has moved in, allegedly to keep her safe from Julian. He offers to live with her in her apartment instead, but Sonny quashes that idea, saying he can keep her safer. Morgan is livid, and Sonny’s moral center continues to amaze when he later tells Duke the whole thing is to protect his children. Apparently Morgan would be crushed to learn his possible baby mama is a murderer. And if he learned about A.J.’s murder, Morgan would tell Michael. And, gosh dang, Sonny loves his kids. It must be so difficult to be him!

It looks like the “Britch” may be back! At Brad’s urging, Britt tries to make amends with Nicolas. And while Nikolas doesn’t hate her, he isn’t jumping at the idea of rekindling their love. But Nikolas IS willing to run off to Elizabeth’s side at a moment’s notice, causing the wheels of deception to resume turning in Britt’s head. With Ric presumed dead, does Britt really stand a chance against “Niz”?


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