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'Awkward.' recap: I've got nothing, Hamilton!

Season 4 | Episode 9 | “My Personal Statement” | Aired June 10, 2014

With Matty and Eva together, Jenna is of course trying her best to ignore her feelings and focus on her future. When thoughts turn to college, she realizes that she and her best friend, Tamara, may be headed down different paths. At the beginning of the episode, she invites Tamara over so the two can have some serious bonding time. Feeling excited for their “bestie festie,” Matty and Eva are seen walking down the hall in slo-mo, holding hands, looking hot and confident. Despite their good looks, there is something so inherently odd and phony about Matty and Eva, like they’re more concerned with showing off rather than caring for each other. Anyway, they stop in front of Jenna, where Matty abruptly asks her about his personal statement. Jenna promises to send it to him later.

Our favorite guidance counselor, Val, is nervous about her upcoming high school reunion. She seeks out Jenna’s mom for advice on what to wear and who she hopes to see. “The stress of going to my reunion is clouding my judgment a little,” says Val. Stevie Shay, “the hottest hottie in class,” better watch out!

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In Jenna’s room, Tamara and Jenna are having the aforementioned bestie festie. Jenna complains about having to send Matty his essay. Tamara comments on Matty’s obvious “bad-ttitude.” Jenna admits that she can’t help but care that Matty is being mean to her, as much as she tries to brush it off.

Luke crashes the bestie festie, and Tamara suggests they all go out. While out, they bump into Matty and Eva. Matty is instantly annoyed that Jenna is out when she hasn’t sent him his essay yet, telling her, “You have no clue how selfish you’re being right now.” Whoa, way harsh, Matty. Fix your own damn essay. Jenna has almost the same response. Matty knows where his essay is: on Jenna’s laptop in her room. Instead of leaving, she suggests that he go and get it himself. Why oh why would Jenna think it’s a good idea to let her ex-boyfriend and his new, untrustworthy girl (who literally admitted to having a past shoplifting offense a week ago) into her bedroom alone?

All glammed up, Val hits her high school reunion with Jenna’s mom. She meets up with Stevie, who disappoints her with how “boring” he is. It helps Val realize that being “supermodel Val” isn’t worth it; just being herself is more than enough. “For the record, I kind of love the real Val,” says Jenna’s mom. So do we.

In Jenna’s room, Matty sends his essay from her laptop to himself. He closes the laptop, ready to leave, but sees Eva with a mischievous glint in her eye as she sits on Jenna’s bed. Uh-oh. Reminding Matty that he promised her dessert, Eva pulls Matty down, and they begin making out on the bed. Matty quickly stops her, not wanting to mess around in Jenna’s room. “This is weird,” he tells Eva. Yes, it is WEIRD!

Eva apologizes and tells him that she can’t help but feel like she’s always competing with Jenna. Matty assures her that she’s not and pulls her to leave Jenna’s room. Once out the door, Eva lies and tells Matty that she left her phone in the room. Matty is waiting outside, while Eva plants her underwear on Jenna’s bed.

Jenna and Tamara end their bestie festie, munching on Twizzlers and watching The Notebook. It’s a nice scene between the friends that isn’t full of drama or hysterics. They reflect on the night they had and promise not to let relationships or college get in the way of their friendship: “We’ll always make time for each other.” T starts tearing up but blames it on the opening credits of the movie. It’s then that T finds Eva’s underwear on the bed.

The next day at school, in front of Sadie and others, Jenna confronts Eva in the hall. She hands Eva back her underwear. Eva acts shocked and embarrassed. Jenna completely shuts Eva down, saying that while her relationship with Matty is rocky, she knows him and he would never f*ck Eva in her bed. “But hey, nice try,” says Jenna as she walks away. Now THIS is the Jenna I’ve been waiting to see all season. Even Sadie is impressed, and exclaims, “I’ve got nothing, Hamilton!”


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