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'General Hospital' recap: Keeping it in the family

Season 51 | Episodes 44-48 | Aired June 2-6, 2014

In the real world, most couples are able to tell each other that they love each other and then go happily about their day. In Port Charles, such declarations don’t go quite as smoothly. An “I love you” can easily be followed up with an undead spouse, such as one Nina Clay.

Silas decides it is time to move on from the specter of Nina’s memory … so he brings out a box of memories and photos to stare at and share with Sam. Conveniently, it is the first time Sam sees a photo of Nina, so when the never-before-seen Mrs. Clay makes her appearance at Danny’s birthday party, Sam is quick to recognize her.

Nina covers all of the questions about where she has been (physical rehab) and how she tracked Silas down in a new city (some newfangled contraption called the Internet). And while she is wheelchair-bound for the time being, she’s also incredibly dense. She assumes that since Silas never divorced her, he’s ready to reunite immediately and pick up where they left off. Never mind that he was having an affair when she went into the coma. Never mind that maybe he didn’t file for divorce because he thought she was DEAD. Sam and Silas decide that Nina is too fragile, so they opt to keep their relationship quiet for now.

Or is she really that fragile? Did anyone else sense that Nina was playing the “I’m so weak” card a little too much? Her mother and aunt are both master manipulators: Perhaps the apple didn’t fall far? Remember, we only saw her eyes open last month. Silas never saw her for the past 20 years. Is it possible there is more to her story than we know? It will be interesting to see how she reacts to the reveal of Kiki, the product of Silas’s long ago affair with Ava.

Nothing was more gut-wrenching than watching Patrick and Sabrina say goodbye to baby Gabriel Drake Santiago. After weeks of hanging on, Gabriel succumbed to necrotizing entercolitis (NEC), the second-leading cause of death in premature infants. His death came on very suddenly, as he went from kicking his leg to death’s door in a matter of scenes. The emotional sight of his parents listening to his heartbeat as it slows, then stops, was incredibly sad. In real life, Teresa Castillo (Sabrina) just gave birth last week to her own first child, so one can only imagine how difficult these scenes must have been to act for her. Will this grief bond Patrick and Sabrina as Robin remains off screen?

The question of whether Ava or Luke ran them off the road may also be a moot point. While both of them had issued threats prior to the car crash, we’re seeing a new suspect emerge. Who’s that? Why, Rafe, of course. We hadn’t seen him in months and now he emerges, complete with an earring and a drug habit. His addiction (cocaine? heroin?) is already advanced enough for him to be stealing Sam’s money, so it doesn’t seem like much of a stretch to think he would have been driving the night of the accident. There’s no direct evidence, but in daytime world, it seems a forgone conclusion. Or … it’s a completely off-base theory and his drug habit will tie back to Fake Luke’s undoing. What’s your guess?

Elizabeth Webber has learned nothing about the justice system during her time in Port Charles. For all of the wrongful arrests and trials in this town, you’d think she’d wait a hot second before convicting someone based on initial evidence. But all it takes is Nicolas showing her a newspaper and reading the substantiation for her to switch her alliance away from Ric. And with that, the only person left on Team Ric is Molly. And for a teenager, Molly may be the smartest person in town. She instantly realizes that Julian owns the newspaper, Julian provided all of the proof to the police, and Julian gets immunity for turning Ric in. I fully expect her and T.J. to be the ones to solve the case, one-upping the PCPD and the FBI.

Nathan continues his turnaround from annoying to appealing, as he assists Maxie in rescheduling her court hearing to regain Georgie visitation. And while he continues to eschew shirts in favor of towels, he also proves himself to be worth more to Maxie than granola-crunching Levi. How long are we supposed to put up with this insufferable know-it-all trying to run Maxie’s life? It will be curious to see which comes first: Levi’s departure from our screens or Nathan deciding if his name is Nathan, James or Jay (which Nina calls him).

Who would have thought that this whole Ava-Sonny-Morgan-Baby storyline would have turned out to be enjoyable? Sure, there’s the inherent ick factor of sleeping with a father and son on the same day, but the one-liners have been nothing short of hysterical. The only thing better was Carly’s and Morgan’s matching mother-son “duh” faces when they heard the news.

Silas: “For Ava, odd is any day ending in Y.”

Morgan (after Sonny repeats that he never meant for this to happen): “You should get that tattooed on your forehead.”

Olivia (to Sonny): “Baby mama. Baby grandma. Go to hell.”

Kiki: “My mother is having my ex-husband’s baby.”

Morgan: “Unless my dad’s the father.”

And since everyone is furious that Sonny slept with Ava, the logical thing to do is to move her into his home. Granted, only Carly knows why Sonny wants to keep such close tabs on her, but the fallout is sure to be immense. Olivia walks away from Sonny as soon as she learns of the housing arrangement, and Morgan is sure to be a close second. However this plays out, it’s going to be a long nine months.