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'The Wil Wheaton Project' recap: Nerds, we STILL have a show!

Season 1 | Episode 1.2 | Aired June 3, 2014

Hello, fellow geeks — and for you returning readers, welcome back! (No, really, I appreciate it!)

Let’s get on with the recap.

What’s on the show tonight? Well, according to the “epic voice announcer guy”: Game of Thrones, the premiere of Crossbones, a sexy Salem update and Felicia Day beating Wil to the death. (OMG, Felicia, no!)

Up first? The last scene from last Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones, with a “slightly less graphic” version. Fingers, eyeballs, Mountain saying things, fingers, eyeballs, GALLAGHER SMASHING A WATERMELON.

For those of you who are still getting over that scene, here’s a little something to make you feel better.

Salem Sex and Violence Recap. Yeah, I have no video for this. But if you read the EW Community Salem recaps, you know what Wil’s talking about.

The success of Maleficent means there’s a slate of new movies with villains as the hero. Personal faves: the boulder from Raiders of the Lost Ark and Freddy Krueger.

Next up? Christian Bale’s Reverse Lozenges! I fell out laughing.

I found video. It’s a little shaky, but it’s amazing.

Also, I love the Internet. Thank you Sherry from SupernaturalWiki, who filmed the TV and uploaded this. You are my people!

Oh, cool, we have a new game. This one’s called “How Will They Bite It?” and here to play is special guest Felicia Day.

The rules are simple. Players watch a clip of someone we know is going to die, and Wil and Felicia guess how they’ll bite it. Got it?

Apparently, Felicia’s a little nervous.

Options for the first one? Fake snakes jumping out of a canteen to hit a guy in the face, or beings from another dimension coming through and biting the guy’s butt off.

Well, the mountain the guy was hiking on just grabbed him and bit his head off, so points to Felicia because the victim may have been a butthead.

Do they make a home version of this game? I would totally play.

Final round?

Aw, darn, no one guessed Mega Python vs. Gatoroid. Dang it, Wil. It was even on Syfy.

Well, it’s all good. It’s a tie, and Wil’s reminding everyone to watch Felicia Day’s new show, Spooked, for Geek and Sundry and Hulu. He hasn’t been asked to be on it yet, but I’m sure we’ll see him soon.

Let’s take a moment for Wil’s Memo, in which we get to see Knockbusters (takeoffs on famous blockbusters) like The Adventures of Thunder Storm: Return of Thor, Womb Raider and Metal Man.

Wow, some of these were terribad.

Here are some highlights from tonight’s show:

Hannibal perfume commercial. (LOVED IT.)

John Malkovich saying, “Tater tots.”

Shout out to Orphan Black‘s Vic the Dick for this week’s and possibly this lifetime’s best face-plant.


Shout-out to The Talk for reaching out to the sci-fi community by asking how many of you would be willing to have sex with a robot.

All in all, The Wil Wheaton Project is 30 minutes of geek awesome. Plus, it’s GIF-worthy, which makes this so much fun. Massive thanks to the folks at The Wil Wheaton Project Twitter feed for making those available.

Catch you next week, nerds. Much love. ;-)

The Wil Wheaton Project airs Tuesdays at 10/9 C on Syfy.


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