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'Faking It' recap: Three reasons Karma and Amy need to break up for real (at least for now)

Season 1 | Episode 6 | “Faking Up Is Hard To Do” | Aired June 3, 2014

Last week, in the teasiest of teases, Karma stormed (nay, Olympic-sprinted) out of the threesome she orchestrated with Liam and Amy (because what better way to lose your v-card than in a threesome with the guy you like mostly because he’s so popular and dreamy, and your fake GF/real BFF?).

The sprinting came directly after two very important moments:

1. Amy kissed Karma, and she really meant it.


2. Liam kissed Amy (because some boneheaded high school buddy told him to kiss the girl he’s less into first in the threesome).

So this week’s episode brought us to a very important question: Why did Karma run? When Amy and Liam kissed, whom was she more jealous of?






The Internet collectively deemed the epic Karmy kiss “magical.”

But alas, Karma did the opposite of what we all wanted (as she is wont to do). Not only did she ‘fess to being more jealous of Amy and still hopelessly into Liam, but she took it a step further: She broke up with Amy.

Take a second to let that sink in. Let out your feels. Have a cry. This week’s episode was a roller coaster of emotions. Karma broke up with Amy and gave her a binder to help guide her through the PR of their pseudo-celebrity breakup. Then Amy, understandably angry, broke up with Karma for real, as friends even. Karma went all rom-com on us and professed her feelings for Amy on the school announcements, prompting Amy to run to the library and make up with her publicly. Then, just when you thought things were really looking up for Amy (and the Karmy Army), Karma broke the news that the makeup was real on a friendship level, but that their fake relationship still needed to end. Cue cheesy loss of virginity to Liam in the art studio.

Now, while you’re reeling from that recap of events, I’m going to throw another emotion into the mix: Anger. WARNING: If you are a Karmy shipper, you might get really angry with me for a second here, but please hear me out. I think the Karmy breakup needed to happen. I’m not saying I want it to be permanent, but the fake relationship needed to go. Here’s why.

1. Karma is still  having feels for Liam. Whether she’s repressing or not, in Karma’s conscious mind at least, this face wasn’t about being jealous of Liam.

She clearly needs to explore those feelings before she’ll be ready to address how she feels about Amy (or to open her eyes and see how Amy feels about her, for that matter).


2. Amy deserves better. We’ve all had a friend who suffered from unrequited love. It hurts to see them hurt, even if, to them, the pain seems preferable to moving on. Amy is crushed by Karma’s lack of reciprocation, not to mention her desperate quest to win over Liam Booker. Just remember this moment and keep in mind that this is the face Amy is making on the inside almost every time she talks to Karma these days.


3. Amy is starting to go crazy faking it. Amy is the best. There is no disputing her best-ness. But she is going a little crazy-girlfriend over Karma in the exact way Karma is crazy with Liam. She wants to “make” Karma see that she loves her back. As soon as you’re trying to force someone to feel something, it’s time to take a step back.

Now, please put down the torches and pitchforks. I’m as pro-Karmy as the next Faking It fan, but for now, at least, their relationship needs to end. Until it’s for real, it’s not good for anyone.

What do you think of the Karmy breakup and the Kiam consummation? Sound off in the comments!

Faking It airs Tuesdays at 10:30/9:30 C on MTV.



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