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'General Hospital' recap: Wouldn't you like to know?

Season 51 | Episodes 40-43 | Aired May 27-30, 2014

Connie Falconeri died way back in August 2013. A.J. Quartermaine went on trial and was acquitted, but most of Port Charles believed he killed her. Two months ago, Sonny Corinthos shot and killed A.J. impulsively, as payback for Connie’s murder. And now, finally, Sonny learns the truth. He killed an innocent man.

A.J. had many flaws, but murdering the “love of Sonny’s life” wasn’t one of them. Of course, all of this could have been avoided if someone had realized the letters A.J., as Connie wrote in her own blood as she lay dying, could have stood for Ava Jerome. Or if Connie could have used the energy spent on her deathbed declaration of love to say, “Ava shot me.” Or if she had just written three letters (A-V-A) instead of two. But all of those issues aside, the truth is out. Now Sonny has to live with breaking his promise to Michael and knowing that he killed A.J. for naught.

Should we all take a moment to dry our eyes from all the empathetic crying? Sonny does what he does best and hightails it to his island to confront Ava. She laughably tries to deny the recording as doctored, but Sonny isn’t biting. He holds a gun on her as she pleads for her life. When that has no effect on Sonny, she plays her newest trump card. She’s pregnant. Sonny doesn’t believe her, but she has a positive pregnancy test on hand. Apparently, Sonny’s island has a pharmacy! Who knew?

Being Port Charles, the alleged baby is either Sonny’s or Morgan’s. Ava helpfully points out that if Sonny kills her, he’d also be killing his child … or grandchild. Sonny opts to let her live until the pregnancy is confirmed by an OB/GYN of his choice, and even then only until she gives birth. Ever the gentleman, he carries her luggage to his plane at her request.

Sonny’s powers of procreation really are quite amazing. Olivia, Lily, Carly, Alexis, Sam and Claudia were all recipients of his … talent. But with only 50 percent of those pregnancies coming to fruition, Ava best not be decorating a nursery just yet. Of course, all Ava has to do is create one of those fabulous secret documents that are only revealed upon her death/disappearance. I’m thinking a hidden letter implicating Sonny in A.J.’s death might be the best life insurance policy.

Of course, Sonny didn’t have the worst week in Port Charles. That honor goes to Ric Lansing. He finally woos Elizabeth back into his arms (and bed), and then he is arrested. Julian, after realizing that Luke is an omnipresent threat to his family, decides to cut a deal with a reluctant Anna and eager Scott to give up his boss’s name in exchange for immunity. And since Luke is still pulling the strings, Julian’s information is quite altered — to now point all fingers and evidence at one Ric Lansing. Ric is floored to learn that bank records exist in his name proving him the head of the Jerome crime family. And the gun that shot Lucas is found, with his fingerprints, in his hotel room. Ric pleads his innocence to Elizabeth and, for now, she takes him at his word. She goes running to Alexis’ house for help, but Julian is already there.

Julian has told her that Ric is running the show. Alexis is devastated and angry at Ric, while panicking over how to tell Molly about her father’s alleged crimes. Julian has a momentary pang of regret and almost tells her the truth, but that is when Elizabeth arrives. She blasts Julian for framing Ric, but Alexis is already sold on Julian’s lie. With his sketchy history, will anyone besides Elizabeth believe in his innocence? And with the mounting evidence, how long will Elizabeth’s allegiance last?

The biggest revelation that comes as a surprise to approximately nobody finally came to light this week. After telling Lulu (to cover up his meeting with Harry the hitman) that he was planning to take Tracy on a surprise honeymoon, Luke is forced to follow through when Lulu tells Tracy of her father’s plans. But before leaving town (presumably for Anthony Geary’s annual summer vacation), Luke pays a visit to Miscavige Psychiatric Hospital to visit … Luke. Yes, as most viewers have suspected for quite some time, the man around town hitting on Kiki, shooting people and running the Jerome crime family is not really Lucas Lorenzo Spencer, but instead an imposter. Fake-Luke has been living as Luke since the post-Heather rescue from Miscavige. He taunts Luke about the life events he’s been missing, including his own marriage to Tracy and the reveal of his grandson, Rocco. Fake-Luke also brags about his all-important mission to take down Sonny.

Luke, drugged out his gourd and with a shaven head, spits in Fake-Luke’s face, but asks the question we all want to know: “Who are you?” Fake-Luke, smirk firmly in place, replies, “Wouldn’t you like to know?” and leaves for parts unknown.

So … we’re just left hanging? No answers? The mystery remains, but for now we have Ava’s baby, Kiki and Michael’s office sex, Morgan’s hilarious drunken attempt to seduce Olivia, and Ric’s crisis to keep us occupied for the time being. Are you in?


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