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'The Wil Wheaton Project' recap: Nerds, we got a show!

Season 1 | Episode 1 | The Wil Wheaton Project | Aired May 27, 2014

My old World of Warcraft raid leader used “WIL WHEATON!” as a battle cry, and it always makes me grin when I think about it. Wil is one of those actors who’s been part of my pop-culture life from Stand By Me to The Big Bang Theory, so it seems fitting that I get to recap his new show, The Wil Wheaton Project.


First of all, Wil looks so amazingly excited to be doing this show. I’m grinning like a geek-girl goober.

See? Super-excited.


Wheaton describes the show as a wrap-up of everything science fiction, fantasy and horror from the previous week. Everything? Yep. He managed a little bit of everything, from X-Men: Days of Future Past to Penny Dreadful to The Walking Dead.

A mystery celebrity guest (Chris Hardwick) dropped by to recap Wil’s recap show, and then they both got into an “I’m Mister Internet” battle before Chris went @Midnight hashtag-happy and threw out a #PoopWheaton hashtag. The results are hilarious. Points for everyone!

Also fun: Wil and Chris shared a video that gave The Walking Dead a new theme song and credits sequence. I tried to find the video, with no luck, but I’ll bet it’ll be out on YouTube soon.

Wil introduced a segment called “Wil’s Memo,” in which he gets to talk about the things that matter to him. This week’s topic? TV show cancellations, pick-ups and new shows. Takeaway: Almost Human didn’t even get a chance, and Vikings proves that “history did whatever it took to get ratings,” with a perfect “bow chika wow wow” music track.

Finally, we get a segment called “Shoutouts.” Flying Lysa FTW!

Here are some highlights from tonight’s show:

  • On new Game Of Thrones characters: “There’s Drogonorrhea. He’s a dragon! And it doesn’t just burn when he breathes fire.”
  • Puff Daddy says we’re all unicorns. Wil says …

  • “Exploring the Cosmos With Neil deGrasse Tyson … Drunk,” because YAY, NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON.
  • Shawn Ashmore’s “The Ashmore You Know” PSAs. Looks like he had fun.

  • “I saw more survivors at the Red Wedding.”
  • “To learn more about boobs on the Internet, check my browser history.”
  • On Crossbones: “The show will focus on Blackbeard’s tragic struggle with narcolepsy.”
  • “Exploring the Cosmos With Neil deGrasse Tyson … Stoned.”

My thoughts? He did talk fast, and he was funny. He’s excited to be doing this. A nerd-centric version of the Talk Soup or Tosh.O format is really fun for geeks like me because we get all the references.

Looks like I’m not alone.

Next week, Felicia Day stops by. Yay, Felicia!

The Wil Wheaton Project airs Tuesdays at 10/9 C on Syfy.




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