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'Submissions Only' recap: Piece of cake

Season 3 | Episode 7 | “Chapter #2″ | Aired May 26, 2014

Well, after all of the hullabaloo, of course Jeremy’s Fort is a hit. Show business is so darn unpredictable! With another hit under her belt, Linda Avery is undisputedly the most talented director in the biz when it comes to ghost-related productions. Submissions Only very rarely time-jumps, so the monthlong gap between episode 6 and episode 7 is a bit of a shock.

Given the status of the Aaron and Penny situation, the jump makes strategic sense, but it also means the end of Jeremy’s Fort rehearsals. Now that the show has opened, we’re not likely to see any more of the production itself.

Submissions Only is excruciatingly good at teasing us with cockamamie shows and then not letting us see the final product. It’s a brilliant hook that makes the Submissions Only universe even more enthralling.

After a Cameron- and Steven-less episode 6, the happy couple is back in “Chapter #2,” in full wedding planning mode. They rent a swanky apartment to host their engagement party. Cameron is thinking live band and lavish food, Steven is thinking a DJ named Pandora. They do agree on asking Yafit, Penny’s new roommate, to make the cake for the party. The setup for the engagement party suggests that it will be the season finale’s big event. There’s likely to be drama at the party (this is a fictional series, after all), but it won’t come from Cameron and Steven. In the relationship department, Cameron and Steven are hands down the most stable couple on Submissions Only, and are a wonderful backdrop to the drama of all of their friends.

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 9.04.31 AM

Every actor loves a good after-show talkback. Who wouldn’t want to be subjected to all those circumlocutory questions that don’t actually relate to the play after working your butt off for three hours? Some of the cast of Jeremy’s Fort are as self-indulgent as the question-askers, but others (namely Serena, Penny and Giddyup Guy #2) look like they’d rather be anywhere else. Penny and Serena look OK from afar, and even Penny’s mom thinks they seem to be dealing with the Aaron thing well, but Tim knows better. Serena is as professional as can be until she pulls out some hand sanitizer to wipe Penny’s cooties off. Classic mean-girl move.

The Jeremy’s Fort talkback provides a couple of miracles.

Miracle #1: Linda and Tim are finally in the same room again. Linda has gotten past the “Tim lying about being straight” thing, probably in part due to her new assistant’s straightness, and is happily enjoying yet another success with Jeremy’s Fort. Linda and Tim’s dynamic is always hilarious; their mutual care for Penny’s well-being is bringing them back onto the same page. Their conversation is expertly intertwined with a question from Broadway’s #1 princess, Laura Osnes, about the Giddyup Guys’ style and why they’ve moved away from the pop style of their first production, Giddyup, which gave them their nickname.

Miracle #2: After an entire season of silence, the mute Giddyup Guy, Alex, has had enough. He speaks! Alex denounces the nickname The Giddyup Guys and makes clear to Laura Osnes and the stunned Jeremy’s Fort cast that he and Dean “are not nor have ever been fun or silly.” It’s still unclear why, throughout the production process, Alex didn’t say a word (except to his partner) — but the mystery is part of what makes the writing duo formerly known as The Giddyup Guys so amazingly funny.

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 9.46.06 AM

Back at Tim Trull Casting, Gail is well into her list of complete unknowns for Light Me Up. As she expected, Vincent is loosing steam. Gail did an excellent job of finding people to audition for Vincent. She even brought in an Edison blogger, Laurie (Jenn Harris), who would really enrich the scientific angle of the show, but that’s not really what Vincent is looking for. Tim sneakily brings in his list of people with the excuse that they had some open time. Vincent immediately has an epiphany: Unknowns aren’t the way to go. Rather, they should cast crazy-talented people whom everybody wants to have sex with — that’s what Light Me Up needs (cough — Ben Walker — cough). The show is called Light Me Up, after all, so it’s got to be HOT.

Penny hasn’t talked to Aaron since the big blowout a month ago. He’s tried to get in touch with her, but she won’t return his calls. Out of the many people in Penny’s life trying to give her advice, it’s the directness of Yafit that finally pushes Penny to call Aaron back. As Yafit tells Penny, the alternative to directness is cowardice. On her way to drop off the cake sample to Steven, Penny leaves Aaron the sweetly vague “call me” voicemail she should have left him weeks ago.

In classic Submissions Only style, Penny immediately runs into Aaron on the stairs to Steven’s office. Aaron has just come from telling Steven that he is officially going to law school in Wisconsin … so Penny and Aaron are thwarted by yet another interruption. Like many real-life relationships, Penny and Aaron’s timing just never worked. Unfortunately, it looks like the possibility of a relationship between them is gone for good. Aaron is as adorable as ever as he says goodbye to Penny, admitting that he wants to do something clean and start the new chapter in his life. Penny is upset, but ultimately tells Aaron she’s proud of him for getting into law school, and gives him a kiss on the cheek before going to see Steven and eating the best cake ever.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions to tackle in the season 3 finale of Submissions Only, on June 9. With Aaron and Penny done, will Josh be back in the picture? Will Light Me Up put Vincent Savio back on the map? What is going on with Nolan and Tim? As Cameron and Steven prepare for their engagement party and Penny tries to get over Aaron, the only thing we can do is wait and see (and eat cake).

The best cake ever may only be on Submissions Only, but you can get the best cookies ever served to you by the cast of Submissions Only! This is happening at Schmackary’s on Thursday, May 29, from 5 to 7 p.m. as part of Broadway Bakes. Broadway stars will be selling cookies at Schmackary’s all week to raise money for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. The full schedule can be found at BroadwayBakes.com.

Submissions Only season 3 episode 8 will air on June 9 on BroadwayWorld.com.


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