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'General Hospital' recap: Dinner and docks interruptus

Season 51 | Episodes 35-39 | Aired May 19-23, 2014

It’s interesting how all of the unsolved (or solved incorrectly) crimes in Port Charles have turned into one big game of Jenga. Each incident is stacked on top of the other, and all of them are so close to tumbling down.

Shawn tells Sonny that Ava shot Olivia, but Sonny’s hands are tied because she knows he killed A.J. Carly and Franco now know that Ava killed Connie, but can’t tell Anna because the evidence implicates Sonny in A.J.’s murder. Julian wants to be out from under Luke’s thumb, but can’t turn him in because Luke has Lucas shot. Anna wants to nail Julian for drug trafficking, but Jordan lets her know that there is a bigger fish to fry. One move in any direction will send any number of people to jail.

Humorously, after Julian is arrested for a drug bust he was nowhere near, Sonny, Duke and Anna are ready to call it a day and celebrate that they took down the big bad crime lord. Nobody seems to remember that very few (Michael, Blackie, Johnny, Matt) residents of Port Charles ever seem to do actual jail time. Sonny intentionally shot his son and walked away scot-free. OK, so he didn’t know Dante was his son and thought he was just an undercover cop at the time. But let’s admit that an arrest isn’t the same as someone meeting their ultimate downfall in this town.

Of course, the setup for all of these criminal scenarios is where the complications lie. Carly and Franco’s mile-high hijinks end, and it is revealed they have traveled to Portland, home of Spinelli, Ellie and baby Georgie’s head-top ponytail. Spinelli and Ellie are appropriately disgusted to learn that Carly is now dating Franco. They aren’t swayed by his declaring himself an unsuccessful matricidal hero, and instead focus on all those pesky pre-tumor crimes. Carly convinces Spinelli to help with A.J.’s phone recording, but neither she nor Franco is prepared to hear Ava admit to killing Connie.

While Jordan is busy setting up the soon-to-be-busted drug shipment on the docks, Julian is holding a family dinner to announce his forward path into only legitimate businesses. Alexis, Sam, Silas, Lucas and Felix are on hand for the announcement, but unfortunately so is Harry, Luke’s hitman. Before anyone can enjoy their dessert, Harry shoots Lucas. Pandemonium ensues, as Anna arrives to arrest Julian for drug trafficking before the paramedics even arrive.

A funny thing was said this week in the midst of all the dinner parties, arrests and reveals. Jordan revealed herself to be a deep undercover DEA operative, and then she told Anna that everyone knows that the Jerome family is the sworn enemy of the Corinthos organization. And the question now posed is … why? The Jeromes were off the General Hospital radar by 1990, three years before Sonny was introducing Karen Wexler to the world of drugs and strip clubs. The family returned to town last year and made a beeline for Sonny’s business, but nobody seems to be questioning the motivation. Is it just accepted that all mob families want to take each other down?

Viewers know that Julian is merely Luke’s pawn, whoever Luke actually is. Seeing Luke casually dismiss Alexis’ life rules out Jerry Jacks, who always had a soft spot for his former love. His horrible treatment of Tracy seemingly makes Anthony Zacchara a non-option, as he liked Tracy. So whom does that leave? Damian Smith? Victor Jerome?

Whoever this Luke person really is, he’s certainly running rampant all over Port Charles. He kills Harry the Hitman, pulls a gun on Ned, and tries to kill Lucas by messing with his ventilator. The Ned incident is the most brazen, with Luke threatening to kill him and make it look like a suicide. Ned calls him crazy, but Luke says, “Crazy would be gutting you like a fish and writing poetry on the walls with your blood. This is plain old-fashioned problem-solving.” Tracy interrupts the confrontation but is still blind to her husband’s dark side. In fact, despite Ned’s impassioned pleas for her to see the truth, she actually kicks her son out of the Q-mansion.

While Luke’s deceptions remain unproven, it seems as though the curtain is falling on Ava’s machinations. While Julian is too busy trying to get out of jail to see his injured son to give his duplicitous sister much thought, she is definitely a conversation point for several others. With Julian incarcerated, Sonny lets Ava know it is okay to return from his island sanctuary. But then Shawn lets him know that Ava shot Olivia. Then Carly shows up to spill the beans about Connie’s murder. I’m thinking Ava might need to find a new secret island if she wants to survive Sonny’s forthcoming wrath!

In odds and ends, someone (Nina?) is sending Silas flowers with mushy cards. Kevin declares to Lucy that their marriage is over, and despite her tears, he wants a divorce. Ric has solid standing in good-guy territory with Elizabeth and Molly, so one can only assume he’ll be set up for a fall soon. Will he be able to keep his new moral compass, or will he be led back down the dark path of his past? Maxie’s six-month separation from Georgie is up, but what will happen if she goes to court to try to procure partial custody? And will we ever learn if Nathan is coming or going from workouts … or if he owns a shirt?


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