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What does it take to be famous? 'Famous in 12' will soon find out

Raise your hand if you’ve ever wanted to be famous. I think we’d all be lying if we said we didn’t … at least until the paparazzi got a shot of us without makeup, pumping gas while yelling at our kids, or leaving a “massage” at midnight. The glamour, the money, the parties, the money, the pampering, the money, the clothes, the money — it’s certainly appealing. What if you had the chance to have it all? And what if the TMZ lightning rod was helping you achieve it? Settle down; it’s too late for you. But it’s not too late for one family who, starting June 3, will be chasing fame in Famous in 12, a new “social experiment” reality show airing on The CW.

Famous in 12 will follow one fame-seeking family for 12 weeks; with the help of TMZ, Harvey Levin and other experts (I smell a Lohan), they’ll attempt to become famous for their different talents (modeling, singing, DJing, writing, acting, dancing) by circulating through Los Angeles’ hippest see-and-be-seen venues. Throw in a social-media challenge — a “fame campaign” — where the family members’ social media accounts will be analyzed each week to determine their “star power,” and you’ve got yourself another show about nobodies trying to be somebodies (or as I like to call it, Keeping Up with the Kardashians).

The show is being billed as a social experiment, and the premise raises some good questions, especially given our current definition of fame. What does it really take to be famous? Can you achieve fame by simply having a killer blowout, a coveted table at The Ivy and a hot Twitter account? A couple of years ago, Brett Cohen, a 21-year-old college student, tested that theory by throwing on some tight jeans and aviators, surrounding himself with an entourage and a bodyguard, and having a camera crew and a few “paparazzi” follow him around NYC to see how people would react. Predictably, they went nuts.

I think Cohen made one thing very clear. Tight jeans and an open-collared, striped shirt is never a good look? Sure, but something else. The general public are fools? OK, that too, but I think the important (and unfortunate) lesson is that fame is easily attainable and excessively superficial in today’s world. With the overabundance of reality TV shows breeding too many reality TV “stars” who continue to infiltrate the entertainment scene and populate the magazines, I’m not sure that’s news, but it’s the sad truth. And fortunately for the Famous in 12 family, it means they’ll probably get their wish, even if only for 15 minutes.

Catch the preview of Famous in 12 below. Don’t worry: I’ll be watching and recapping every minute of it for you starting June 4 … if I’m not sitting at The Ivy, waiting to be noticed.

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