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'Faking It' recap: Effed-up families and fantastic framilies

Season 1 | Episode 5 | “Remember the Croquembouche” | Aired May 20, 2014

Faking It has never shied away from exploring family dynamics. From Amy’s blended family-to-be to Karma’s ultra-liberal parental units to Liam’s privilege shame over his family’s wealth, the show has daringly delved into how families function. Families — and framilies (friend families) — took center stage in Tuesday’s “Remember the Croquembouche,” proving that sometimes the family you choose knows you way better than the one you don’t. Here are all the ways blood relatives failed and framilies won at life this week.

Family Fail: Amy’s Mom Asks Lauren to be Her Maid of Honor

Yes, hellbeas-with-a-Southern-accent Lauren is going to be the maid of honor at her and Amy’s parents’ upcoming nuptials. They’ve gone from frenemies to apparent BFFs in the wake of Amy’s coming out, and it’s hard to tell what stings her more, the snub from mom or watching her archnemesis win. Even though Lauren and Amy’s mom bond over shower-planning earlier in the episode (Lauren has volunteered to oversee everything for the event, including ordering a trendy, Cronut-esque dessert called a Croquembouche), this is a reveal that absolutely stings, even as a viewer. While Karma has reaped literally nothing but benefits since their fake outing, Amy has suffered at every turn. At home, her ultra-conservative mother struggles to accept a gay daughter, and her quest to figure out her sexuality and put an end to the potentially friendship-ending feelings she has for Karma are emotionally draining on a epic scale.

Framily Win: Karma Reconnects with Amy

After putting in a good showing for Worst Best Friend of the Year, Karma pulls a 180 and goes totally Amy-focused this week. She shows up with high-calorie necessities like icing and cookie dough and all five Twilight movies for her and Amy to hate-watch during a girls’ weekend. The perfection is cut short when Amy’s mom says Karma can only stay if they help Lauren pick up her pretentious Croquembouche — but in this case, it really was the thought that counted. 

Family Fail: Twincest at the Twain


In his attempts to get over Karma, Liam plans a guys’ night to the Twain with Shane. If you’re remembering that The Twain is a gay bar and doing a spit-take, calm down. Liam doesn’t come out. He’s there to prey on the newly single girls having post-breakup nights out at the gay bar. It’s the sleaziest thing he’s done yet on the show. At the Twain, Liam and Shane see The Twins, hot brother/sister twins that they apparently have been dying to hook up with for some time. Unfortunately, the twins are more into each other than Liam or Shane. Shane quote of the night: “You’ll have to smell the flowers in her attic later. We have to go.”

Framily Win: Lauren and Amy’s Mom Bond

As much as it sucks for Amy that her mom has a new favorite daughter, and as abhorrent as Lauren can be, it’s hard to fault them for finding each other. Amy’s mom is desperate for a daughter she can relate to as she comes to grip with Amy’s sexuality, and Lauren, for all of her blond hair and mean-girl quips, is basically ostracized at über-progressive Hester High. In spite of their massive age gap, they have a ton in common, and they’ve latched onto each other in what’s proving to be a difficult time for them both.

Framily Fail: Karma Offers Liam a Threesome with Herself and Amy

Of course, not every framily moment is a win. Karma fails in a catastrophic way when, after Liam says he can’t handle seeing her when she’s with someone else, she offers him a threesome with herself and Amy. It’s the fail to end all fails. Amy is going to be heartbroken, wildly uncomfortable and horrifically hurt.

Which of the family (or not-quite-family) dynamics on Faking It is your favorite? Which fail shocked you most?


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