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'Hart of Dixie': Team Zade — EXCLUSIVE PHOTO

The CW just released this photo from the Hart of Dixie season finale, and I think it’s worth dissecting. Grab your scalpel and let’s dig in:

1. Even though Wade’s arms are crossed as if he is highly annoyed with the cotton-candy-flavored Southern belle in front of him, his chiseled jaw does not appear to be set in an indignant manner.

2. Zoe’s costume: I call it a “costume” because heaven help us if this is a legitimate item of clothing. Having watched the trailer for the season finale, I can report that the town of Bluebell will be celebrating a wedding. Judging from Zoe’s gunnysack dress, the nuptials will take place in 1987.

3. Even though I think Wade was completely wrong for blaming Zoe for his breakup with Vivian, Zoe is doing a good job of sucking him in with sad eyes. Hopefully this moment will result in a profession of love, followed by a romantic kiss. If that doesn’t happen, I’ll settle for Zoe declaring that she’ll never be hungry again.

4. Why is there a park bench and a bag full of garbage in Wade’s trunk?

5. I would pay money to see Wade driving that tractor. He’ll need to be shirtless, of course, because it’s hot this time of year in Alabama. I’d hate for him to get overheated.

6. The Hart of Dixie season finale is this Friday. Tune in to The CW at 9/8 p.m. to see if Wade and Zoe become an item again. My fingers are crossed!


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