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'The Originals' season 1 finale react: Hope. Her name is Hope.

Season 1 | Episode 22 | “From a Cradle to a Grave” | Aired May 13, 2014

This honestly has to be the best hour of television we’ve watched in a very long time. A baby was born, a bunch of people died, a few people came very close to dying, there were lots of tears shed and even a few resurrections. Our feels at this point are off the freaking charts. Let’s dive into the dirty deets of the brilliant season 1 finale of The Originals.

Hayley gets killed: Hayley delivers her baby in St. Anne’s church surrounded by the witches, along with Klaus, who’s magically pinned to the wall. We feel like this is highly unsanitary, but apparently that’s not really a concern of theirs right now. When the baby girl is born, Hayley begs to be able to hold her just once. You know what they do instead? They slit Hayley’s throat. Yeah, you read that correctly. The witches savagely kill her and takes the baby. Elijah comes in wondering what went down when he sees Hayley’s bloody, lifeless body cradled in Klaus’ arms.



Elijah blames Klaus for not being on his A-game and letting the witches best him. Klaus says the only thing they can do now is save the baby. This entire time we were convulsing on the couch, trying to process all our emotions. It wasn’t pretty.









Mikael has risen: Davina uses her witchy ways to collect Klaus’ blood off the street in order to help save the vampires who have been attacked by the Guerrara pack. We’re not going to lie: For someone who never goes to school, that was a pretty smart move on her part.








Marcel tells her there’s only enough blood for one person and insists that she give it to Josh. He led his vampire army into this war; if they are all dead due to a lethal werewolf bite, he’ll go down with them. God, Marcel is pure man.










After Mikael appears to Davina again, she decides to go through with the spell to resurrect him. He regains his strength by eating all of the half-dead vampires hanging out in the courtyard at the Mikaelson abode (Remember, the guy is a vampire who feeds on vampire blood. #weirdo). The kicker with Mikael is that he can’t do anything without Davina’s say-so. He’s completely under her control and she won’t let him make a move on Klaus until she’s ready for him to.

Mission “Save Baby Mikaelson”: After Elijah sheds a few heartbreaking tears in the cemetery, Klaus convinces him to buck up and focus on the baby. The problem is, the witches have cast an illusion spell on the cemetery, making it near impossible to find them and the babe. Then, something awesome happens … Hayley appears! We totally forgot that she had the blood of her child (who’s a hybrid) in her, so she was healed and brought back to life.









Hayley can feel her baby’s presence nearby, which helps them locate the baby and the witches just in time. When they spot the witches, they’re wearing their Sunday best and Genevieve has a knife raised above baby Mikaelson. A fight ensues, but Klaus, Elijah and Hayley aren’t faring so well. Who steps in to save the day? Marcel! Klaus spears the blond witch with an iron fence post and Marcel throwing-stars Monique to death. Marcel swipes the baby and heads back to the Mikaelson compound. When Klaus shows up, they have a moving heart-to-heart, and Marcel apologizes for bringing Mikael back all those years ago. Klaus tells him it ain’t no thang and offers up his wrist to heal Marcel from his werewolf bite. They’re friends again!









Hell hath no fury like a woman whose baby is almost sacrificed: Hayley and Elijah have Gen tied up and are grilling her about her motives. She spills the beans that she had no choice and was being controlled by … wait for it … Esther.









Yes, baby Josh Hutcherson — “The Original” mother. She’s just as nasty as Mikael and wants to see all of her children dead as well. Talk about the worst parents ever. Gen warns them that Esther will stop at nothing to find and kill the baby, and sobs about how sorry she is. Hayley doesn’t really care, and she stabs Gen and leaves her hanging there. Can we also note that Hayley lost her baby weight, like, immediately? We know she’s a fierce betch, but we did a juice cleanse last week and didn’t lose close to an entire nine months of baby weight.









A tough decision is made: Then, the story goes full Sleeping Beauty when Hayley decides the only way to protect her baby is to hide her. Hayley was crying, we were crying; it was just a big mess. Klaus comes up with a plan to fake the baby’s death so that Esther won’t go looking for her. Marcel is in on it and uses werewolf-Oliver as a pawn. He brings Oliver a box and tells him that he and his pack are being set up as the murderer of Klaus’ baby. When Marcel walks away and Oliver looks in the box, he sees the unthinkable. Yes, it’s a dead baby that isn’t really Klaus’ — a stillborn that Marcel took from a hospital.









Yeah, we can’t believe The CW went there either. With the news of the baby’s death all over town, all Hayley, Elijah and Klaus have to do is play the part of a grieving family. This isn’t that hard, seeing how they still have to say goodbye to their babe.

Klami: When Cami finds out that baby Mikaelson “died,” she goes to Klaus to give her condolences. Naturally, she feels terrible about what happened and wishes she could have done something to uncover Francesca’s plan sooner. Their faces come dangerously close together, but Klaus tells her she can’t be in his life because he destroys everything that’s beautiful. Cami is a little taken aback by Klaus sending her away.









But what do you expect from a guy whose baby just fake-died? These two will have their time in the sun in season 2 — we just know it.

Baby Hope: This scene gave us so many good feels. Klaus executes the last part of the plan to hide the baby. He pulls up to a desolate area, at night, outside of the city. He’s holding the baby, and a car pulls up. Someone in fierce shoes steps out — it’s Rebekah.










After we started bawling uncontrollably, Klaus goes into an epic speech about how Rebekah is the only person he would trust with his miracle child, and he gives the best daddy speech ever to the baby. If you watched The Vampire Diaries, you know that all Rebekah ever wanted was a normal life, a family and a baby. This makes the moment even more amazing. Before he hands her off, Rebekah asks him what the baby’s name is.
















We’ll give you a few minutes to compose yourselves.

Here’s the twist: The episode ends with two randos, a man and a woman, standing in the middle of the graveyard above a specific headstone. The woman puts a rose on the headstone, and the man calls her “mother.” The camera pans to the headstone and we see that it says “Esther Mikaelson.”








Finn was the only one of the original vampires that despised his existence and wanted to eliminate the species with their mother. As a reminder, if one of the original vampires dies, every vampire they have turned dies along with them — thus eliminating the vampire species.

We know you’re all dying to give us your thoughts on the season finale, so sound off below. We have a long summer ahead of us, so leave us your comments and predictions so we can fangirl/fanboy together! Until next time … #FangsOut!




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