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'General Hospital' recap: Welcome to the Nurses' Ball

Season 51 | Episodes 25-29 | Aired May 5-9, 2014

After last year’s Britt pregnancy bombshell, Mac’s marriage proposal and Magic Milo, can 2014 live up to the hype on General Hospital? What secrets will be revealed? Which relationships will be torn asunder? And, of course, how will Lucy Coe end up in her underwear?

Before we get to the glitz and glamour, there are a few things that occurred outside the Metro Court this week — the best of which was Olivia showing she is capable of figuring out the obvious without the aid of psychic visions. Speaking of, whatever happened to those? All it takes is Morgan moving out of Sonny’s home; then Alexis casually drops by and mentions that Ava cheated on Morgan. When she reflects on Sonny omitting that detail, she is horrified to realize its implications.

No sooner does Sonny return home and it is ON, as she flat-out asks him if he slept with Ava! Realizing he is caught, Sonny owns up to the truth with the excuse, “It just happened.” Olivia gets the comeback of the year, asking if Sonny “took a turn and just fell on top of her?” His promise not to do it again falls on deaf ears as Olivia ends their relationship.

The Ava-and-Julian standoff comes to a head when Morgan knocks Julian out before he can shoot Ava. She pleads with Morgan that what she did with Sonny has no bearing on her love for him, but … c’mon, isn’t it just amazing that neither Sonny nor Ava seems to realize how huge what they did is? I’m thinking that “sleeping with your son’s girlfriend” tops the list of unforgivable acts! Morgan leaves, and Ava manages to turn the gun on Julian. But then Shawn arrives and stops Ava from killing Danny’s onetime and possible future marrow donor. For kicks, Julian drops the bombshell that Ava shot Olivia last year. Shawn plans to tell Sonny, but Ava uses her leverage of A.J.’s shooting to silence him for now. With that, Ava is off to Sonny’s island.

Morgan heads over to Michael’s looking for a place to crash. Kiki is there with the worst advice of all time. She tells Morgan not to tell Michael about the mausoleum sex because Michael needs his father when dealing with A.J.’s death. Granted, Kiki doesn’t know that Sonny killed A.J., but still, I am firmly implanted on Morgan’s side, as he is right. Everyone puts Michael’s needs before Morgan’s.

Michael is over at ELQ, asking Luke to pitch in with a donation in A.J.’s name. But his goodwill toward his uncle is later tempered when he finally learns that Luke has been making advances toward Kiki. He’s out for blood, but apparently Ned has a new plan to take his future stepfather down.

Carly and Franco listen to the recording on A.J.’s phone, which includes static in lieu of all the juicy details. Franco suggests handing it over to Anna and the Port Charles Police Department, but Carly knows they will send Sonny to jail. They opt to keep it to themselves and go on the lam, heading out of town for parts unknown. Who else wonders if they’ll end up on Sonny’s island with Ava?

Finally, it’s time for the Nurses’ Ball! Mac’s legendary Mr. Marbles act is nixed, but he still brings the creepy dummy with him on the red carpet. The color commentary by the reporter is pretty humorous, as “Who are you wearing?” is minimized in favor of speculation about relationships and personal-gossip bits. After being announced with her date, Silas (whom they acknowledge has been recently cleared of murder charges), Sam becomes red-carpet roadkill as she takes a fantastic spill with the cameras clicking away. The best is Britt and Felix watching the red carpet on TV, just like besties, complete with ice cream.

Olivia arrives solo, and the reporter asks about her relationship status with Sonny. He arrives just in time for a family photo with Dante and Lulu. Olivia is quick to tell her son that Sonny cheated, and Dante is less than impressed with Sonny’s “it meant nothing” defense. Between Morgan, Olivia and Dante, I am really enjoying Sonny being taken to task for his stupidity!

The festivities begin with the nurses doing their customary introductory song, but their performance is interrupted by Liesl Obrecht, who opts to open the show her way … by doing “Willkomen” from Cabaret. It’s campy, over the top and absolutely wonderful to watch. I know Obrecht is a career criminal with suspect morals, but dang, is she fun! Having previously explained that she saved GH from bankruptcy when she secured her spot as chief, she is now relishing performing for her minions. Her act is met with a distinct lack of applause.

Next up to perform is Kiki, doing a karaoke version of Pink’s “Raise Your Glass,” complete with double balloon drops. Then Ned takes the stage to perform Meat Loaf’s “You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth.” It’s completely serviceable, but not a showstopper.

Then, surprisingly, Luke pops on stage to sing “I Am What I Am” from La Cage aux Folles. It’s hilariously on point for Luke’s recent actions, and for all of us wondering exactly who he really is. Following his song, Luke stops the show to ask Tracy to marry him, right then and there. Lucy offers to officiate and, despite Ned’s objections, the ceremony proceeds and the two are married! Lucy declares it legal and binding, but I have always wondered how couples who marry on the spot obtain a marriage license. But that’s just a pesky detail. Ned declares to Kiki and Michael that their plan must go forward, but we’re left hanging as to what exactly that plan is.

Finally, we have the showstopper that everyone has been waiting for! It’s time for Magic Milo and the Magic Wands! I could describe the delight in watching Milo, Nathan, Michael, Felix, Lucas and T.J. strip down to their skivvies to AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long,” but isn’t it much more fun to watch it for yourself?

In other tidbits and notes, Lucy is edging dangerously close to blowing up her marriage to Kevin. Between the sideways glances at Scott and the skittish (for Lucy) behavior, Kevin seems to finally be cluing in that his wife is hiding something. How will he react when he finds out she carried on a lengthy affair with Scott Baldwin? And all of our fingers are crossed that Maxie’s newfound admiration for Nathan will mean the abrupt end of Levi on our screens. His insufferable attitude continued this week when he derided the charitable nature of the Nurses’ Ball, talked Maxie out of going and then relented and attended, only to wear flip-flops and a T-shirt with his tuxedo.

I’ll see you back here next week for the continuation of the Nurses’ Ball. Did somebody say Blackie Parrish?


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