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'The Originals' react: Bayou baby mama drama

Season 1 | Episode 19 | “An Unblinking Death “ | Aired Apr 22, 2014

Sweet bayou baby Jesus. We need to talk about that episode. Between the suspense, the action, the twists and the tears, we’re pretty sure that was the best episode of the season. Episode 19, “An Unblinking Death,” featured Klaus actually being a decent person, Cami administering electroshock therapy, and an inside bombing job at the werewolf trailer park. Here’s everything you really need to know about what went down last night on The Originals.

The bayou gets hit: While Hayley and Elijah are there, the werewolf pack trailer park is bombed to smithereens. Excuse me … did someone just try to off the royal baby? Of course Elijah is noble as hell, sticking around to help save people, while Hayley takes her raging pregnancy hormones to go find Marcel.








Hayley’s on a mission: Hayley is proving that she’s a force to be reckoned with. Not only is she perfectly capable of taking care of herself, but no one’s going to mess with her because she’s Klaus’ baby mama. She barges right into a vampire powwow, flips Diego out of his chair and threatens to kill him if he doesn’t tell her where Marcel is. The piece of wood grazing his heart makes Diego spill the beans, and Hayley just walks out like the badass she is.









Shock to the system: Cami decides that if the witches won’t help her, she’ll take Father Kieran’s life into her own hands. She enlists the help of Josh, and he compels a local doctor to come and perform electroshock therapy on Father K. What?! Klaus tries to talk her out of it, but Cam Cam is having none of it. The therapy seems to have temporarily lifted the hex, but Father K quickly turns back to the dark side and bites his left thumb off while strapped into a chair. It’s horrifying and disgusting all at the same time.











History lesson: Hayley storms into Marcel’s hipster loft, and he’s patiently waiting for her with a glass of bourbon in tow. He drops some wisdom and lets her know that he’s the reason she was taken from her family and out of New Orleans — and that he knows her real name is Andrea Labonair and she’s heir to the Crescent Wolf Clan. Wait, say what?










Apparently, Hayley’s tribe waged war to gain control of New Orleans, and her parents died during battle due to a traitor in their pack. She was just a baby when her parents died, and because Marcel has a soft spot for children, when he found her in her crib he didn’t want to murder her. He gave her to Father Kieran who sent her away. Game-changer much? Hayley refuses Marcel’s advice to leave again, and she takes off to process this new information.









#Obvi she’s pregnant and didn’t turn to the bottle, but as soon as that baby’s born, she’s going to need herself a tall glass of bayou bourbon. Can we get an amen?









More werewolf secrets: Marcel’s involvement with Hayley being an orphan her whole life wasn’t the only secret revealed last night. After the attack on the Crescent Wolf Clan, Eve was severely hurt (she’s the sweet blond chick who always has her hair in a braid). She couldn’t heal like the other werewolves because she never triggered the curse. Oliver, the hothead and right-hand man of Jackson, was sitting with her and revealed that he was the one who initiated the attack!










Oliver said he didn’t mean to blow up the whole trailer park and kill a ton of people — he just wanted to rally up the pack to fight back against the vampires, witches and humans. He didn’t want this revealed, so he took a pillow and suffocated Eve!









Now that little traitor is rallying to be pack leader. #uhoh

RIP Father Kieran: OK, grab your tissues. Klaus turned Father K into a vampire to save his life, even though Klaus knew he would never complete the transition because that’s not how priests roll. Father K asks to be alone with Cami so he can say a proper goodbye. After he tells her she needs to find some family key, he tells her to leave so she doesn’t have to see him like this. But wait! The hex returns and he tries to kill Cami in the church, with Klaus saving her just in the nick of time.

Cami understands what needs to be done, and before Klaus stakes Father K, he says Father K deserved much better than this. This scene was almost too much! Klaus even carries Cami out of the church. *Cue the waterworks.*









Klaus keeps it classy: Klaus’ behavior has been abnormally commendable the entire episode. After Father K passes, the person Cami really wants to comfort her is Marcel. Did anyone else think this was a pretty low blow, since Klaus was the one by her side through the entire ordeal? Just sayin’. Anyway, Klaus keeps his classy streak going by inviting Marcel into the city to be with her. This is the version of Klaus we want to see more of. So swoon-worthy.









Bonding over bourbon: Elijah pledges his allegiance to Klaus and says they’ll be working as a team from here on out. Honestly, a good bourbon never fails to bring two people together. Ah, brotherly love.










The end of the episode reveals that Josh snatched Father K’s key and gave it to Marcel. We aren’t sure what’s so special about this key, but apparently it’s vital to Cami’s family. Well, actually only Cami, since she’s the last person left in her family.









What did you think of last night’s episode? Leave your thoughts and predictions below! Until next time … #FangsOut