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'Nurse Jackie' recap: Ho-down

Season 6 | Episode 2 | “Pillgrimage” | Aired Apr 20, 2014

When you’re a relapsed addict whose dealer gets busted and you can’t let anyone in your life know you’ve relapsed, how do you get your drugs?

A. By stealing your colleague’s DEA number and calling in false prescriptions
B. By seducing a pharmacist
C. By finding a dealer at an underground square dance (because, obviously)
D. All of the above

If you’re nurse Jackie Peyton (Edie Falco)? Your answer is D, for duh.

Ex-husband Kevin (Dominic Fumusa) brings the kids to the house so teenage daughter Grace (Ruby Jerins) can pick up her birth certificate. Jackie, thinking Grace needs it to get her driver’s permit, is shocked to find out Grace is planning on spending the summer in France interning at a perfume lab. (I know. Random. Just go with it.) When Jackie balks and tells her they’ll need to discuss it, Grace gives her mother her usual go-to-hell look and says she’s going. Kevin suggests Jackie come to the bar to discuss it later, but Jackie avoids the situation and lies about a date she has with her boyfriend, Frank (Adam Ferrara). When Kevin and the kids leave and Frank goes to take a shower, Jackie pops the first pills of the episode.

Later, Jackie calls her recently busted dealer and tries to score, with no luck. After overhearing Dr. Roman (Betty Gilpin) give a pharmacist her DEA number on the phone, Jackie calls in a prescription for Oxycontin using Dr. Roman’s number. When she tries to pick it up (using a fake ID), the pharmacist tells her there’s a mandatory 24-hour wait for Oxy, but that (wink, wink) he might be able to (nudge, nudge) help her pain go away with a massage (vomit, vomit). Jackie gives him a coy grin and softly grabs his fingers as she leans in and almost goes there. Thankfully she comes to her senses and beelines to a meeting with her new (barely legit) sponsor, the sassy, southern Antoinette (Julie White), who laughs and tells Jackie, “I once blew a guy for a daiquiri.” Aw, it’s good to have girlfriends who understand.


In other news, Dr. Cooper (Peter Facinelli) appears to finally be out from under the spell of resident simpleton-slash-seductress Dr. Roman, and is setting up a profile on a dating website with Thor’s (Stephen Wallum) help. When the only response he gets is from a sperm scout who wants to recruit him, Coop agrees to send in his samples. Dr. Roman offers her very special (and as we know, very successful) assistance, but is surprisingly denied by Coop, who tells her that now that he’s nearing 40, he needs more from her than just sex. (That sound you hear is about 10,000 men all across America screaming obscenities at Coop.)


Later that night, Frank takes Jackie to an underground square-dancing club. OK, I’m not entirely sure it was an underground club, but since they get there by walking down a deserted street and enter an unmarked, industrial-looking door that leads them down into a large room full of about 150 people square dancing and a stage with a full band and square-dance caller, I’m making an educated guess. Plus? Square dancing. No matter how much fun it looks and how much I suddenly wish I’d have listened during fourth-grade gym class, it has a certain unfortunate stigma that might necessitate it going underground in NYC. Despite her initial hesitation, Jackie lets loose and is having fun. While in the midst of an allemande left and a do-si-do, she spies a drug deal going down across the dance floor (and now the “underground” part is making a different kind of sense). While Frank goes to get a drink, Jackie approaches the dealer, and they find a deserted bathroom to do a few lines together, as well as something else that gives the episode the title I gave it. Let’s just say Jackie took her hoedown off the dance floor and onto the filthy bathroom counter, and leave it at that.

Other things happening around All Saints:

Dr. Roman speaks Ukrainian. Fluently. The randomness and total incongruity of this development is something I find fabulous, as does Coop.

Dr. Prentiss (Morris Chestnut) and Akalitus (Anna Deavere Smith) find common ground with their appreciation for Akalitus’ new “penis car” (’65 Mustang), and Prentiss agrees to fix the hospital’s PA system so she doesn’t have to sell it to fund a repair.

Zoey (Merritt Wever) is fed up because all she and new boyfriend Dr. Prentiss do is “talk about their work and have sex.” She just wants to go out to dinner already! (“Dinner is overrated!” I yell at my TV.)

How do you feel about Jackie using again? Does it make her an unsympathetic character for you, especially since she came so far in season 5 and had started to fix the mess her addiction had made in the prior years? Or do you see her addiction as something that is out of her control? Let me know what you think in the comments below.