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'Parks and Recreation': Imagining the futures of Leslie and Ben's kids

Parks and Recreation‘s Leslie Knope has always been an overachiever, but who knew that would carry over into her pregnancy? When she and Ben go to Dr. Saperstein (Henry Winkler) for an ultrasound, they find out that they’re having not one, not two, but three little ones. Yep: Triplets. Leslie takes this as proof that she and Ben are a special couple (“one in a million”), but Dr. Saperstein deflates that dream balloon with a truth dart: They’re actually only one in 8,000. He explains that triplets aren’t so uncommon for women Leslie’s age, because her body is releasing multiple eggs. He calls it a “going out of business” sale, and it’s one of the best moments of the episode.

There’s a lot in store for our favorite Pawneans in the coming months. Pregnant Leslie! Lots of baby planning! Mini-Knope-Wyatts! But what about future beyond the show? Upon hearing that they’re having triplets, Leslie exclaims that if they play their cards right, she and Ben could be raising a third of the future Supreme Court. Sure, it might sound like a bit of a long shot, but what will Leslie and Ben’s triplets really grow up to be like? Gazing into my completely imaginary crystal ball, I see three possible futures for these babies (I’m imagining two girls and a boy, but I have nothing but gut instinct on which to base that).

1. Leslie has her way and they become Knope’s Army. It’s like Dumbledore’s Army, but with less magic and more civic involvement. 

In the battle of nurture vs. nature, Leslie’s nurture might just squash out whatever these kids have in them. Leslie will no doubt raise her children with all of the zeal and obsessive perkiness she brings to every aspect of her life. On the bright side, they will have the best childhoods ever when it comes to birthdays. On the less bright side, she’s probably already made three binders mapping out each of their lives. If she succeeds, she might actually raise three mini-Knopes. I don’t think three seats on the Supreme Court is in the cards, but here’s what I can see:

Triplet 1: Grows up to be a member of the House of Representatives, coauthors a monumental piece of legislation and thanks Leslie in every acceptance or commencement speech she ever delivers.

Triplet 2: Attends Harvard Law School on full scholarship and becomes a crusading civil rights lawyer. Is passionate to a fault and lets Leslie help organize his legal research into binders after she retires.

Triplet 3: Becomes a universally beloved mayor of Pawnee (something that would both please Leslie and avenge the embarrassment of Ben’s mayoral term). During her term, she commissions a new town mural, which features a likeness of Leslie (among other prominent Pawneans).

2. Leslie fails to raise Knope’s Army, but the kids all take after Ben and are gloriously geeky and wonderful … with adorable butts.

If the triplets take after their father more than their mother, they will be the geekiest little number-munchers in all the land, and they will be amazing. If the Ben gene is dominant, I’m predicting:

Triplet 1: An Ivy Leaguer (again, on scholarship), who serves as the captain of her university’s Muggle Quidditch team. She majors in something impractical and becomes a professional Scrabble player, winning big tournament jackpots all over the world.

Triplet 2: A writer, specifically a graphic novelist. His most famous series features a strong female politician character based on Mama Knope.

Triplet 3: A brilliant but content “townie” who stays in Pawnee (or Chicago) and spends her free time inventing board games with Ben, while working days as an actuary.

3. Neither the Knope nor the Wyatt gene is dominant. The triplets end up a veritable hodgepodge. 

But what if the triplets don’t take after Leslie or Ben? What if they’re a mix of the two? What if they’re like neither? Here’s one vision of that future:

Triplet 1: Becomes an actress and plays a great American president on an amazing futuristic, dystopian sci-fi epic series on HBO.

Triplet 2: Rebels against everything he’s been taught and elopes with an Eagletonian (they’ve again seceded from Pawnee at this point) and besmirches the good name of Lil’ Sebastian. Leslie is heartbroken, but just works harder than ever to show love to her wayward son.

Triplet 3: Becomes a politically apathetic but medically gifted pediatrician. Leslie forever insists on pretending she’s a nurse and calling her Ann Jr.

What do YOU think Leslie and Ben’s triplets will grow up to be like? Tell me your theories in the comments!