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Boy Meets World Episode 19

'Boy Meets World' #TBT recap: Cory becomes a man (kind of)

Editors’ Note: As our love for spin-off series Girl Meets World grows, John Hanlon recaps the original series that ran from 1993 to 2000, reminding us why we fell in love with Cory Matthews, Topanga Lawrence, and Shawn Hunter in the first place.

Season 1 | Episode 19 | “Kid Gloves” | Aired Mar 25, 1994

What do a tennis racket, a Barbie doll taped to a brick, and a stingray have in common? If you guessed that they can all be found at the bottom of a YMCA pool in Philadelphia, you would be absolutely right. At least, those are the items found at the bottom of the pool when Cory dives into it late at night during episode 19 of Boy Meets World.

In this episode, Mr. Feeny offers the students a variety of extracurricular activities that the Philadelphia Board of Education has approved for the city’s students. Both Cory and Shawn are actually excited by one of the options: scuba diving.

The duo is ready to get started, and Topanga—wearing a one-piece that neither of the two boys can mock (hormones!)—and Minkus are along for the scuba class.Read More

Kate Case Files

'Criminal Minds' recap: Jennifer Love-Hewitt debuts in premiere

Season 10 | Episode 1 | “X” | Aired Oct 1, 2014

After a season of terrorist torture, near-misses, and cast members hitting the bricks, it’s back to work for our friends at the BAU. The big news is the return of Jennifer Love-Hewitt to network TV as the newest member of our favorite team of FBI profilers. Can she fill the void left by Jeanne Tripplehorn at the end of season 9? Let’s find out!

The pilot opens on a small boy playing around a dusty shack in the middle of Bakersfield, California. And what does he see in the middle of the room? Nothing big. Just a human torso missing arms and legs. As the kid runs off, we see a mysterious figure washing a knife and a severed leg.Read More

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit - Season 16

'Law & Order: SVU' recap: A timely, familiar drama

Season 16 | Episode 2 | “American Disgrace” | Aired Oct 1, 2014

Some of my favorite episodes of Law & Order: SVU are the ones with plots that have been RIPPED FROM THE HEADLINES (you have to put “ripped from the headlines” in caps to capture the drama). SVU can take some of the facts of an actual case, pump up the drama and insanity, and voila, engaging television. Admittedly, I’ve wondered in the past if the showrunners have the inside track on what really happened in some of these incidents. It’s kind of exciting to think they’re using heavily disguised versions of the actual juicy details to which the public wasn’t privy. Yes, I have conspiracy theories about SVU scripts. (#sorelyineedofalife)Read More


'Modern Family' recap: Don't push it!

Season 6 | Episode 2 | “Do Not Push” | Aired Oct 1, 2014

Now that everyone has recovered from their perfect summer, long honeymoon, and appearance anxieties, Modern Family brings us a solid second episode in its sixth season. In a nutshell, “Do Not Push” does the opposite of what the title suggests. Jay and Gloria debate the type of gift they should get each other for their anniversary, the Dunphys take Alex on a college tour, and Mitch and Cam attempt to replace their family portrait with a very excited Lily.

This is a stronger episode than the premiere, for the most part. There are a ton of funny moments as well as some deeper character reveals. Once again, the writers nicely tie all of the separate family stories together with a common theme; “Do Not Push” in particular does so both physically and thematically.Read More


'Black-ish' recap: Andre struggles with 'the talk'

Season 1 | Episode 2 | “The Talk” | Aired Oct 1, 2014

Are you a parent who has had “the talk” with your child? Was it tough? No matter how embarrassing you thought it was to speak with your children about sex, you probably weren’t as bad as Andre was when communicating to this son about the birds and the bees on this episode of Black-ish.

Poor Andre walks in on Andre Jr. having a dance by himself (by the way: if you wondered what Billy Idol meant by “Dancing with Myself,” what Andre was doing, was what he meant). After avoiding a heart attack from shock, Andre decides that he must have the talk with his son. But news flash: Rainbow has already discussed sex with Andre Jr. As Rainbow says, the kids open up to her more, to which Andre Sr. retorts that one kid isn’t opening up to her (their oldest daughter Zoe). In true sitcom fashion, a challenge arises between the parents. If Rainbow gets Zoe to talk to her, Andre will talk to Andre Jr. about sex.Read More


'South Park' recap: Buttery fat for everyone!

Season 18 | Episode 2 | “Gluten Free Ebola” | Aired Oct 1, 2014

Living up to the promise that Cartman made at the end of “Go Fund Yourself,” the boys are back in school after their failed startups. And they are totally regretting telling their classmates that they don’t need school or the other kids anymore, with language not suitable for children their age.

“Dude, people are pissed off at us,” Cartman says as he, Kyle, Stan, and Kenny eat lunch alone.

“Doesn’t anyone understand the significance of ‘I’m sorry’ anymore?” Kyle says … and Cartman actually agrees with him with no anti-Semitic backhand. This is a South Park first, folks!Read More


'The League' recap: Hot tub, forever unclean!

Season 6 | Episode 5 | “The Hot Tub” | Aired Oct 1, 2014

The “Quest for More Testosterone” continues this week on The League as Jenny buys an above-ground hot tub to spice up her marriage. While Kevin is thrilled, the gang rags on them for it being above-ground. It’s hot water in a small pool. Who cares if it’s in the ground or not? Oh, right, Kevin and Jenny could cure AIDS and the gang would still try to take the wind out of their sails.

Taco is one of the unimpressed, and despite his verbal barbs, Jenny is still willing to be his real estate agent. Taco hasn’t cashed his million-dollar check yet, but he’s looking to buy his first house. He’s unimpressed by all of the gang’s different houses, but that doesn’t stop him from testing out the bathrooms. Thanks to Ruxin, Taco is using baby wipes when he drops the kids off at the pool. Unfortunately, this is wreaking havoc on Kevin and Jenny’s plumbing, which couldn’t possibly cause problems later on. Spoiler: It causes problems later on.

Read More


'The Bridge' season 2 finale recap: I'm no hero

Season 2 | Episode 13 | “Julibex” | Aired Oct 1, 2014

The Bridge began the season with a hell of an episode.  Can we say the same for its finale?

Hank and Sonya are still trailing the truck and van. Sonya follows the van, which drives into a random garage. As for Hank, he gets out of his car and moves toward the truck, which is stopped in the middle of the road. There’s a short shootout with the truck driver, whom Hank kills, and then we get to see what’s inside the truck besides the drugs: Steven Linder. Alive.

Yes, Linder is still kicking! In last week’s recap, I was sure that Robles had killed him, but apparently Linder is much tougher than he seems.Read More


'The Goldbergs' recap: Todd the Apostle

Season 2 | Episode 2 | “Mama Drama” | Aired Oct 1, 2014

Jesus Christ Superstar!

Beverly Goldberg is in her full smother mode on this episode of The Goldbergs. After Bev convinces Adam to audition for the lead in Jesus Christ Superstar, things do not go according to plan when her “delicious” baby boy is cast as Todd the Apostle. A heartbroken Adam gets all dark and asks his mama to help him become a star.

Murray is having a real issue with traffic. Murray’s dislike for traffic makes him and Barry miss freaking Flyers history! To get back at his father, Barry takes the remote control on the day of Dream Boat history. Barry agrees to give back the control to Murray, but he will NEVER go to another hockey game with his father.Read More


'Couples Therapy' recap: Triggers and secrets

Season 1 | Episode 4 | “Called Out” | Aired Oct 1, 2014

It’s a big night for the couples in therapy, and tonight there are some bombshells a-dropping and walls a-crumbling.  Last week’s Nikki drama about cameras and privacy fuels this week’s Jenna drama, and Evel Dick and Stephanie share a secret that none of us saw coming (unless you  checked Twitter today; then you totally already knew).Read More


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