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'The O.C.' nostalgia recap: Anything to stop being bored

Season 1 | Episode 6 | “The Girlfriend” | Aired Sep 9, 2003

Meet Caleb Nichol, “the Donald Trump of Newport,” and Kirsten Cohen’s dad.

Those re-watching this series with me will remember that Caleb figures quite prominently into The O.C. And “The Girlfriend” wastes no time in announcing him as the uncompromising son of a bitch that he is. The episode also introduces his 24-year-old girlfriend Gabrielle, who deserves our thanks for being the first woman to establish Ben McKenzie as one of the great screen kissers of all time. Seriously, he belongs in some sort of hall of fame.

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'The Fall' fan recap: A sum of all our choices

Season 2 | Episode 2 | “Night Darkens the Streets” | Aired Jan 16, 2015

If The Fall is anything, it is riddled with tension As we return to the land of DSI Stella Gibson in episode two of season two, we are walking through a dream. Stella brandishes her firearm as she walks through the police office in search of a masked man who is outsmarting her. As he calls her name she shoot to kill and unmasks him to find a familiar face before bolting awake in her office. Like it would for any other human being, this chase is starting to weigh on her.

Across town, our killer stands in Rose Stagg’s kitchen, demanding she stop shaking as she writes a note to tell her husband that she went into work early for an emergency. Spector drags her to his car and drives away as her young daughter Nancy, whom he thought he put to bed, looks on. Apparently he didn’t factor her in. As they travel across town, Rose smartly tries to tell him everything he wants to hear in the hope of being released. Unfortunately for her, she has made his life difficult by talking to the police, which he knows by the sketch that was released and billed as nine years old.

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'12 Monkeys' fan react: Meeting a villain and filling in the gaps

Season 1 | Episode 2 | “Mentally Divergent” | Aired Jan 23, 2014

Last week’s 12 Monkeys’ premiere set the g, as pilots typically do. The mission to kill off scientist Leland Goines was intended to change the future. It disappointingly—and unsurprisingly—didn’t change anything, so here we are. In this week’s followup, “Mentally Divergent,” Cole and Cassie (I’m going with Cassie, BTW) are figuring out the next step. In the process, we meet new faces, uncover new puzzle pieces, and get confused all over again.

Let’s take a dive, shall we?

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'General Hospital' fan recap: Sins of the father

Season 51 | Episodes 200-204 | Aired Jan 19-23, 2015

At this point, is it fair to say, that General Hospital is just toying with viewers? Luke, Sonny, Julian, Shawn, and now Jordan are all clued in to the Bill Eckert theory as Fluke’s probable identity. But, even upon repeated questioning from Luke and Sonny, Fluke refuses to confirm his identity. So, the question begs, are we being played?

Very little in Port Charles isn’t tied in to the Fluke mystery right now. Although incarcerated, Sonny and Julian continue to work together to protect their interests. After taking down another of Johnny’s prison goons, Sonny is able to procure a cell phone. Sonny’s warning call to Michael is fruitless, as telling his estranged son to stay away from Uncle Luke and the Elm Street house mean nothing to Michael. Michael demands that Sonny leave him be or he will tip the warden off to Sonny’s illicit cell phone activity. Apparently telling Michael that Fluke is an impostor would have been too direct.

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'The Musketeers' fan recap: A Taste of the Outside World

Season 2 | Episode 2 | “An Ordinary Man” | Aired Jan 24, 2015

The King just wants to be a normal guy. He wants to experience life outside of the palace so he dresses up as a commoner and goes out. Surprisingly, the Musketeers agree to this plan (probably part of that thing of always protecting the king) and take him to the pub. I’m not quite why no one thought alcohol and trying to stay anonymous would be a bad combination but everyone (minus Aramis) is keen on this plan.

Somehow no one recognizes the King, who finds himself drinking, carousing with women, cheering Porthos in a brawl, and playing cards. He’s actually quite good with cards until he accuses someone of cheating. This leads to a huge bar fight and D’Artagnan must protect the King. They are led out the back door by the bar keeper and just as they think they are safe, both of them get knocked out.

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'Chuck' fan recap: From Russia with love

Season 1 | Episode 12 | “Chuck Versus the Undercover Lover” | Aired Jan 24, 2008

The first season of Chuck is winding down, so it’s about time we get some Casey backstory! But before delving into that more involved plot, let’s take care of the simpler Ellie/Awesome subplot.

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'Hart of Dixie' fan recap: Zoe loves the Dummy

Season 4 | Episode 3 | “The Very Good Bagel” | Aired Jan 23, 2015

The only constant in life is change. Hart of Dixie dives head first into this reality. Zoe is pregnant with Wade’s baby. Wade is freaking out about the future. George and Lavon are both pining over Lemon. Lemon is bitter that she lost the money for Fancie’s. The entire town is topsy-turvy, and something’s got to give before the residents of Bluebell explode. I hope that something is Wade’s shirt.

After dropping the baby bomb the night before, Wade apologizes to Zoe for the way he reacted. The fact that he doesn’t know a thing about babies is no cause for a meltdown, because she’s a doctor! She knows what to do! He can teach it to fish and work on cars.

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'Grimm' fan recap: Monroe's rescue mission comes to a bloody conclusion

Season 4 | Episode 10 | “Tribunal” | Aired Jan 23, 2015

To say that NBC’s Grimm is impressing us this season would be a gross understatement. The fourth season has given us some incredible moments, but “Tribunal” takes the cake. With Monroe’s life in the hands of a psychotic hate group, the Wesenrein, the race is on for the Scooby gang to save him before he ends up skewered next to Terry in the woods.

Testing Wu

Hank and Nick need Wu to interrogate Acker since they have a closer relationship, but before they send him deeper down the rabbit hole, they need to make sure he’s ready to swallow the red pill. To ensure he’s got what it takes to become part of the Scooby gang, they bring Bud (an Eisbiber) into the station and have him woge in front of Wu. While startled by Bud’s adorable beaver face, it doesn’t scare him away. He’s a part of this world now, and there’s no looking back.

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5 underrated and unknown vampire TV shows

Vampires, werewolves, ghosts, angels, demons—these beings have become a staple in modern day television. There’s something sexy, forbidden, and outright cool about the supernatural. Shows like The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, True Blood, Buffy, and Angel have showcased new twists and turns in the world of vampire mythology.

Vampire TV shows are here to stay, and audiences are still rabid for the new, next vampire story. Over the years, television has made many successful attempts at shows focused on the supernatural creatures, some landing under the radar, undetected by fans.

No longer. Here are five of the best and most overlooked vampire-centric TV shows in recent memory!

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'Friday Night Lights' recap: True colors

Season 1 | Episode 17 | “I Think We Should Have Sex” | Aired Feb 21, 2007

There is nothing worse than a parent’s disappointment. Growing up, hearing that my parents were disappointed in me always stung more than them just being angry. I realize now that it was worse for them, too. Being let down by someone you’ve chosen to believe in is a miserable experience.

This was all I could think about as I watched “I Think We Should Have Sex.” Friday Night Lights has set Tim Riggins up to be the person most often disappointing other people, but this time it is he who is let down.Read More


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