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'Legends' recap: Houston, we have a problem

Season 1 | Episode 6 | “Gauntlet” | Aired Sept 17, 2014

Don’t trust doctors. Don’t trust nurses. Don’t trust little old ladies with hard candy–filled purses. Don’t trust anyone! Will Martin ever learn? This week’s episode of Legends saw Martin Odum dragging around a bloody, bullet-filled Kyle Dobson on an interrogation road trip. Did Martin get his questions answered? Does Kyle know Martin’s real name? Did the show pay homage to a beloved ’90s movie? Let’s find out!

We kick off with Martin and Dobson escaping a bloody car wreck and then trying to hijack a bus.

Bus Driver: You need an ambulance.
Martin: This just became an ambulance.
Bus Driver: Nope, it’s still a bus.
Martin: Have you ever heard of the hashtag #DontKillSmartMouthedBusDrivers?
Bus Driver: No?
Martin: Just drive!Read More


'The Bridge' recap: To be free

Season 2 | Episode 11 | “Beholder” | Aired Sept 17, 2014

Fausto Galvan is making a movie, and it’s not off to a good start. The surprisingly funny scene has Galvan trying to film a video message for Sebastian Cerisola. He shoves a gun to Cerisola’s daughter’s head and makes his threat to the camera. He is annoyed when he finds out that the gun isn’t even loaded. It looks like Hollywood definitely won’t be calling.Read More

League Sproles2

'The League' recap: Jenny comes up short

Season 6 | Episode 3 | “The Height Supremacist” | Aired Sept 17, 2014

I’ve often wondered if watching The League would cause me to go blind, vomit, or vomit and go blind. After this week’s episode, mission accomplished! Andre spends the entire episode asking the gang to punish him for his collusion with NFL on Fox personality Jay Glazer. When they refuse to do so, Andre shows up at the bar in full drag. If you’re near a seat belt, put it on. This episode gets bumpy.

We kick off the show with Ruxin announcing he’s going to Korea as punishment from his law firm for Baby Geoffrey’s juicing incident. Andre shows up with flowers for the gang and begs them to reveal his punishment. The word of the day is: punishment. The gang won’t tell him, and after he leaves, Pete says they will be “ghost punishing” him. Basically, they just want him to think it’s coming, but it never will. That last sentence also describes Andre’s sex life, but I digress.Read More

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 11.22.29 AM

'Couples Therapy': Jenna does therapy

Season 5 | Episode 2 | “Death Trap” | Aired Sept 17, 2014

When last we left our couples on the mend, they were settling into the house with the others, meeting with Dr. Jenn, and getting to know each other a little over booze and awkward humor. Even though the season 5 folks were getting along pretty well (with the other castmates, not their spouses, that is), we were still waiting on another couple to arrive.

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 11.16.38 AMWe pick up moments after the fight between Treach and Cicely, where we find Treach angrily muttering to himself and complaining to Dick about her smothering nature. Treach feels controlled by Cicely, and he thinks Cicely wants to be his assistant merely so she can keep track of him. Treach vows not to speak to her until their session, but they must go to the group session first.Read More


‘The West Wing’ recap: I love my dead gay son

Season 1 | Episode 13 | “Take Out the Trash Day” | Aired Jan 26, 2000

It’s “take out the trash” day at the White House, which means they’re dumping stories they want to bury on a Friday. This makes for a scattershot episode with no real A-plot, but that’s OK; Aaron Sorkin’s B-plots are more compelling than some season-long arcs on other shows.

Josh corners C.J. with a “sticky wicket”: A new report on sex education shows that abstinence-only education isn’t working (shock!). The proposed replacement is abstinence-plus education, AKA “everything but sex.” He and C.J. agree that this makes “sticky wicket” a really gross pun. This leaves me momentarily confused about the act to which they’re referring before I decide that I never ever want to think on this again.Read More


'Satisfaction' star Katherine LaNasa on playing Adriana: 'I just get it'

Manipulative, assertive, domineering, confident, and gorgeous: five words that describe Satisfaction’s reigning madam and Renaissance woman, Adriana. Last week I spoke with Katherine LaNasa, the force behind the brazen character, about what makes Adriana tick. I once called Adriana “slighty scary in a fabulous way,” and that is exactly how I’d describe LaNasa. She was friendly, laid back, a bit foul-mouthed at times, and quick to tell stories about her colorful past. It wasn’t an interview as much as it was just a conversation with the cool girl in high school whom you knew you’d never be quite as cool as.

Over the course of the season, Adriana has not only emerged as the character who knows all the secrets and holds all the puppet strings, but revealed herself as one of the most interesting and dynamic characters on the show—and as a result, a fan favorite. “It’s so easy,” LaNasa says of playing Adriana. “It’s always so interesting when that happens. I feel that the producers were liking what I was doing so much that after the first few episodes I felt a ton of pressure—like, oh, I’m gonna f—k it up! But as time went on, I didn’t f—k it up!”Read More


4 reasons why 'South Park' is still AWESOM-O

On September 24, South Park will begin its 18th season, and this show about some foul-mouthed gradeschoolers is still a really big deal. Go on any social media site, and you’ll be bombarded with every South Park hashtag from #fishsticks to #naggers, ginger memes and classic Cartman quotes.

For a show that is now legally allowed to vote, the fact that it has maintained its relevance after all these years is extraordinary. South Park is still shocking and fresh, perhaps because its newsworthy nature allows for infinite material.

So what is South Park doing differently that makes it one of the best shows on TV?Read More


'Finding Carter' season 1 finale recap: 5 ways the world shattered

Season 1 | Episode 12 | “One Hour Photo” | Aired Sept 16, 2014

Well … um … WHAT THE WHAT?

Finding Carter’s season finale was full of big hints, massive twists, and world-shattering awfulness. The nice thing about the Finding Carter finale is how equal-opportunity it was; no matter what you like about the show, it found a way to ruin it. We’re talking daggers-to-the-heart, blowing-up-your-hopes-and-dreams ruined. 

Does this sound like exaggeration? Let the evidence speak for itself.Read More

If Loving You Is Wrong Trailer on Facebook

Loving them is wrong

Season 1 | Episode 3 | “Alex Is Pregnant” | Aired Sept 16, 2014

No, Alex, your husband will not stay home from work to comfort you through your morning sickness when he knows the baby can’t be his. If there’s one character that frustrates me in If Loving You Is Wrong—aside from Edward, ’cause everyone agrees he can go—it’s Alex. For a woman who’s sleeping with her best friend’s husband, she has some nerve acting high and mighty, which is great, so we don’t have to feel any type of sorry for her.

Actually, what makes the show entertaining is how unlikeable the majority of the characters are, because it lets viewers tear into them for not knowing better—because, of course, we would, right?Read More


'Face Off' recap: My anaconda don't want none unless you got guns, son

Season 7 | Episode 709 | “Serpent Soldiers” | Aired Sept 16, 2014

This week on Face Off, it’s the sequel to Snakes on a Plane: Snakes on a Battleship! Our contestants have gathered on Battleship Iowa in San Pedro, California, to learn about their next challenge. G.I. Joe is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, and the brand is the sponsor of inspiration for the spotlight challenge. The contestants will be creating a snake-themed supersoldier that is part of the G.I. Joe world.Read More


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