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Kristin Ep 5

'Last Man Standing' recap: Halloween election

Season 4 | Episode 5 | “School Merger” | Aired Oct 24, 2014

What do you get when you cross Halloween with an election? Ted Mosby in the hanging chad costume and in Last Man Standing, a little boy dressed up as a lump of coal. You heard that right: Boyd goes trick-or-treating dressed up as a piece of black coal. Why would someone so small forgo a superhero getup or something a little more Halloween-y? Because his dad told him coal was the “single biggest threat to life on earth.” WOW.

Boyd’s costume directly affects Vanessa, Boyd’s grandmother, because she’s a geologist. Vanessa works with coal and other natural resources that help fuel the planet. Does Ryan care that he insulted Vanessa? Absolutely not. In his opinion, Boyd’s Halloween costume is a “statement piece” (I’m sorry but when did costumes become statement pieces for political views?).

Read on to see how Vanessa handles this rude statement costume, and how the upcoming election divides and unites the Baxters and the Larabees.

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'Hawaii Five-0' recap: Like father, like son

Season 5 | Episode 505 | “Ho’oilina ” | Aired October 24, 2014

The last Hawaii Five-0 ended with Danny discovering that Reyes had killed his brother, Matt, and Danny killing Reyes in revenge. After such a big, intense episode, it makes perfect sense that we don’t mention any of that at all this week. It’s halfway through the episode before we get any Danny mention at all, and that’s just Steve leaving a voicemail checking in. And since this season has been largely Danny’s so far, Steve needs to have a big episode, so he doesn’t feel left out.

Like most Steve-centric episodes, this one surrounds Steve’s angst and his difficult relationship with his father, John (William Sadler). Steve gets all dressed up (including shades so no one sees him cry) and heads to visit his father’s grave. He gives his dad a McGarrett family update—Aunt Deb is trying chemo and Mary sends videos of her daughter, Joan, all the time.

505 (2)But after Steve returns to his car, he sees a woman drop flowers at John’s grave. So he does the logical thing and runs after her to see how she knows his father. Read More

Haven - Season 5

'Haven' recap: Mara can see dead people

Season 5 | Episode 7 | “Nowhere Man” | Aired Oct 24, 2014

Audrey is back! After weeks of Emily Rose brilliantly playing two characters stuck in one body, Audrey’s return brings a new challenge for Rose—playing two characters in two bodies. Rose handles the transition perfectly in “Nowhere Man.” It’s hard to reconcile the fact that Mara and Audrey are being played by the same actress; they seem to be two completely different people.

The newly appeared Audrey luckily doesn’t mean the immediate end for Mara. Duke and Nathan agree that they need to keep Mara around in case she has a connection with Audrey. That’s good news for Mara and for us. Watching Rose play both of these characters is just brilliant and we’re not ready to give that up quite yet.Read More

Scott Green/NBC

'Grimm' season 4 premiere recap: Give 'em Trubel

Season 4 | Episode 1 | “Thanks for the Memories” | Aired Oct 24, 2014

NBC’s Grimm has finally returned, and with the premiere of season 4, we find the gang right where we left them. Nick Burkhardt has lost his Grimm powers thanks to Adalind, Captain Renard is in critical condition after being shot by Weston Steward, and Trubel is forced to explain to the FBI how she beheaded a home intruder (Steward).

In Wesen news, we get introduced to a new creature with the head of an octopus that punctures skulls with its tentacles and steals people’s memories. Ready to get down to the dirty deets? Let’s get “Kraken” (sorry—we had to).

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pd213 kerplunk

'Pushing Daisies' finale recap: Swim on, mermaids

Season 2 | Episode 13 | “Kerplunk” | Aired June 13, 2009

With its bright colors, lavish costumes, and alliterative names, it’s only fitting that Pushing Daisies would have a narrator to round out its pop-up-book aesthetic. Our narrator, though, is more than a gimmick designed to give the show some style. He’s also a necessity. The plot is tangled, Ned’s gift comes with a lot of caveats, and everyone is keeping secrets from everyone else. If not for the narrator, we might not have even made it to a second season, because no one would ever know what was happening. As we send this show off with one last recap, let’s give it up for the narrator.

He earns his keep in the opening minutes of the finale, which finally make sense of Lily and Vivian’s history. Vivian was born with a heart defect, and, though it was remedied, her parents still treated her with extra care. They taught Lily to always put her interests behind those of her sister, which Lily did, until she slept with Vivian’s fiancé. She hid the fact that Chuck was the product of that union, telling herself that she was doing it to spare Vivian the pain, but her motives may have also been a little selfish; by sparing her sister, she spared herself from the full consequences of her betrayal.

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Friday Night Lights

'Friday Night Lights' recap: The damage is done

Season 1 | Episode 10 | “It’s Different for Girls” | Aired Dec 12, 2006

The mistake that so many people make about Friday Night Lights is thinking it’s a show about football. It may be a show that has a football team, with characters whose lives revolve around that football team, but it is about so much more than the game. Friday Night Lights is about people. It’s about the choices we make and the people we love and the way those two things are connected. It’s about the different dimensions that live within each of us, allowing us to be different people at different times; at once kind and tough, careless and thoughtful, in love and unfaithful.Read More

The WB

'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' recap: Three broken hearts and the Gem of Amara

Note: Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a security blanket during my formative teenage years. I’m overjoyed to relive the show with all of you through a new series of recaps. I’m starting with season 4, while other fine contributors will take previous seasons.

Season 4 | Episode 1 | “The Harsh Light of Day” | Aired Oct 19, 1999 on The WB

This is the one where everyone gets laid. Boy, that Parker Abrams moves fast. It’s only been a week since Parker was hitting on Buffy in the UC Sunnydale cafeteria. Now they’re inseparable.

One night, Parker notices a scar on Buffy’s neck—bite marks from Angel. It’s like an ex’s permanent hickey on your neck, except you can blame it, as Buffy does, on an angry puppy. (Remember how Vampire Willow referred to Angel as “the puppy” last season in “The Wish”?) Parker brings up his recently deceased father. He lays it on thick, but promises he’s not one of those dark, brooding, give-me-love types. “Don’t you hate them?” he asks.Read More


'Alias' nostalgia react: Finally, Bradley Cooper goes superspy (kind of)

Season 1 | Episode 14 | “The Coup” | Aired Feb 24, 2002

Finally! Will Tippin has really gone Junior Secret Agent on us, and it’s about time. I’ve been dying to see where his investigation into SD-6 would take him, and this week, I got a little (a very little, but still) satisfaction. David McNeil has sent his daughter away to safety and he’s ready to talk. (Although I kind of wonder if he’s on the up-and-up or if he’s really a plant of some kind. Alias has me suspicious of every character.)

But first, he needs Will to break into a computer where he used to work and retrieve a list of everyone who used the software he knew he needed to track when he went to prison. Will sets up a bogus interview with the CEO of the company, then excuses himself to the bathroom, breaks into the conveniently bathroom-adjacent computer lab, and downloads the program from a computer that appears to be running on DOS even though it’s the 21st century.Read More

forever sneak peek 2

'Forever' sneak peek: Jo Martinez gets sassy

The dynamic between Dr. Henry Morgan (Ioan Gruffudd) and Detective Jo Martinez (Alana De La Garza) is one of the most intriguing parts of Forever. The doctor’s immortality has given him access to centuries’ worth of information, something with which Jo can’t possibly compete. Their work often feels one-sided, with Henry filling in most of the blanks. As their relationship grows, however, so does their ability to collaborate.

In this exclusive clip from Tuesday’s new episode, “New York Kids,” Jo and Henry investigate the murder of a wealthy doctor who has recently won a humanitarian award. Watch how comfortable Jo has become with Henry—and how well they work together to solve their cases.Read More


Podcast: 'Clear Lists, Full Drafts, Can't Lose,' episode 6—'Friday Night Lights'

Welcome to episode 6 of Clear Lists, Full Drafts, Can’t Lose—the only podcast for fantasy television drafts! Forget fantasy football—join us for fantasy TV.

This week, we have another show-centric episode, this time focused on everyone’s favorite high school sports drama (which happens to be where our podcast name came from): Friday Night Lights.Read More


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